Thursday, September 30, 2010

Catching Up~

We've been home for a week already and are getting caught up after being gone for 10 days. It was so busy in Chicago that after we got home, we realized we took very few pictures. Jill and Michael sent a few though which we can share. (While we were having fun in the Midwest, my sister and Ted were roaming around Europe with the Passion Play in Oberammergau their destination. Now they are headed to Prague, but this photo was taken in Heidelberg.)

What kept us so busy? Well, we went to kindergarten with David one day and watched his wonderful teacher in action. We also helped by painting some rocks blue and white; these came home the next Friday as "peace rocks" as the whole school did a presentation with that theme. No photos unfortunately.

Can you see the baby?
Isn't he a stately fellow?
We went to the Brookfield Zoo. (Does anyone remember Marlin Perkins and Zoo Parade from the Lincoln Park Zoo?) It started out very rainy, but that was great because it kept the crowds away, and we had a grand time. Dick got a couple of great animal photos, and I got to ride the Carousel with Sophia. We had read about one together, so I was delighted to see one at the entrance to the zoo. She was thrilled to ride a pink flamingo, and I had fun too.

We also celebrated Jill's birthday over two days. On the "real" day we all went up to Milwaukee to visit my uncle and aunt; they are the only surviving relatives of that generation so we try to see them every time we visit Chicago. Then the following day we celebrated for real, thanks to Jill's in-laws.
The Party Givers and Helper
Chocolate cupcakes, yum!
The week passed very quickly, that's for sure. Time flies when you're having fun, right?


Anonymous said...

Look at those sweet chocolate-y faces!

Glad you had a good time.

Lynn said...

Looks like such a fun time!

Rian said...

What fun! I just love the zoo...and cupcakes, too.

Linda said...

Looks like you had a fun trip! I also love going to the zoo and I especially love riding the carosel....I don't think you're ever too old for it! I did see your dried flowers are just like the ones on my blog. I thought those were so interesting.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

What great fun spending time with family! Enjoy, enjoy!!

Debra said...

Gosh, looking through your posts I see that you are quite an accomplished knitter. Very Nice Sweaters!!

Love the cupcake face!!

Lapplisor said...

Hi Judy
Finally I find time to visit..
and I am like to see such a wonderful family picture :-)

You are a lot of traveling .. nice pictures you show again!
Take care

jane said...

Hi Sis, Great to catch up on your blog. Boy, the grand kids have changed over the summer, haven't they. Love all the photos, and thanks for including us in your blog. Jane

BeadBag said...

Hi Judy - I love your embroidery - it looks beautiful. I've been dying to get back to doing some but just dont seem to have had the 'space'. Our 'little Ellie' is growing fast too - and chatting away - though most of it we cant quite understand!