Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Beginning to FEEL a Lot Like Christmas!

For the past several mornings, all the rooftops have been very frosty, and the thermometer outside has shown temperatures in the twenties, which is quite chilly for us. The cats have taken to "fighting" over who gets to sleep on the register. Mocha, who has perfected an impressive growl, usually wins, and sure enough, she wasn't sharing one inch today as a lengthy "Grrrrrrr!" came up from under the desk as I was reading email.
The Heater Hog

As you can see from their dress and rosy cheeks, our family in Chicago is not stopped by frosty temperatures. David left us a phone message about their exciting trip to see the Christmas Train. Looks like I need to knit Jill a hat one of these days!
Waiting for the Christmas Train

I've been busily working on Christmas projects most of which I can't share. However, I did complete these mitts for a friend, and despite their springy color, they keep hands nice and warm. Thanks to Pat, I discovered this pretty pattern and a new knit shop to explore the next time we go to Ellensburg.
Fingerless Gloves

Another sure sign of the holidays is the annual women's Christmas dessert at church. For the past several year, my friend Debbie and I have decorated a table together, and this year she created a lovely centerpiece with a variety of beautiful ornaments that she made from applesauce, cinnamon, and glue. These were hung from a tree and surrounded by old cooky books and cutters, making our table look very festive, indeed.
One of Debbie's ornaments

Mysterious boxes have a way of appearing on our doorstep at this time of year, and Friday saw the first one, an intriquing two-colored Christmas cactus from our daughter's inlaws. Now the challenge will be to get it to bloom again next year!
Thank you, Montsic and Janet!

The calendar speeds up at this time of year, I am sure of it. Each day seems to last but a moment, leading up to that holiest of nights, Christmas Eve, and shortens the time left for creating yet another gift.


Sharon said...

You have been a busy gal. I am so slow this year and now it is so cold. 14 degrees here this morning. I best get moving. I love those gloves. You really are amazing. What can't you do!?! Sharon

LindaS said...

Hey Judy - great gloves!! I could use some of those down here in COLD New Mexico...more snow again tonight but by the weekend it's supposed to be sunny and back into the upper 40's. and lo 50's. Linda

Gerry said...

My DH is in Chicago this week and he tells me it's pretty darn cold! You would think he'd be used to it, given how cold it's been here recently. LOL.

Love the fingerless gloves; very cool!

The Christmas cactus is beautiful. I don't believe I have ever seen one before. I really like it.

Take care.

Rian said...

Applesauce, cinnamon and glue ornaments--who would've thunk. Stay warm. Your rain finally made it to California (yay).

Lynn said...

Love the fingerless gloves, such a pretty color. I made ornaments like that when the kids were in elementary school and had them stored in the attic in a box. When they were a few years old, an attic mouse chewed through the box and ate them all! Stay warm, lots of blogs I noticed this morning are showing cats snuggled up.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a Christmas cactus with TWO colors. That is so cool!

Yoyo said...

Goodness you look busy girl. You Christmas cactus is going nuts, that's one of my favorite Christmas plants!

Popping in to see if you have decided about your design for the Christmas SAL? Let me know, I'm putting up the first member list tomorrow.

Linda said...

Ooohhh so lovely and Christmassy Judy. The cactus is a stunner....I want one of those!
And as for Mocha....I want one of those too!!!!!!!
Happy Christmas hugs
Linda x

Plays with Needles said...

That Christmas cactus is beautiful...liked the mitts too and those kids in chicago are SO cute all bundled up...I guess now they're getting slammed with snow??

Cat said...

Delightful post! Love those fingerless gloves!

Your cactus is gorgeous.