Friday, July 31, 2009

"Summertime and the Living's" Been.......Really, Really HOT!

Perhaps you've read about the heatwave in our area, and perhaps you haven't. Trust me, it was HOT here, almost too hot to do anything. Normally the natives start to complain when the thermometer tops 80 degrees, and on Wednesday the official temperature was 103 degrees, an all-time record! While that isn't too hot elsewhere perhaps, it's extremely hot for west of the Cascades, especially since very few homes have air conditioning. Today, it is finally cooler and our morning grey sky is back. However, we found proof of the heat in one of our bedrooms where I keep my "wee Willie Winky" candle holders.
Too Hot!

Not much happened over the past week except trying to stay cool. Both of our cats would look out side as if to say, "What's happening out there?" and then go flop down on the sort of cool tile in the front hall or the kitchen linoleum.
It's hot out there!

I did do a little piecing for a CQ project or two. Last spring I bought a nice packet of coordinated fabric from Allie and finally got them pieced for a purse project that Janet and I are doing.
Back and Flap

And then, I received a lovely surprise from Kathy, her puzzle pieces and two pretty fat quarters. I am finished with one of her pieces and have a good start on the other one but won't show them till later so as not to spoil the surprise.
Thank you, Kathy!

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the COOL. It's 8:30 AM and only 63 degrees. Hurrah!


Sharon said...

Hi Judy, Whew I hope it stays nice and cool today. Our cat hasn't left the tile floor either. Your CQ looks great. But the candles take the cake. I am still laughing. Have a great weekend and stay cool. Sharon

Anonymous said...

Okay .... it's a BAD HOT day when your candles end up like THAT!!!


SueR said...

I am, as VickiW once called me, a weather geek; and I have seen the weather maps showing how brutally hot it's been in your neck of the woods. I'm sorry, but my laugh for the day was those candles! Crazy quilting is not something I do, but I'm crazy about those puzzle pieces!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Wow, I love what you've done with the fabric pack, Judy! Loos great!

VERY funny candles....yup, it is hot alright.

Barbara C said...

Those candles say it all. It's definitely too hot when your candles wilt. I'm glad you're enjoying better weather.

Sharon said...

Here I am again. Judy please drop over to my blog as there is something there for you.Sharon

Merry said...

That sure is hot...those candles gave me a smile.

Micki said...

I love the CQ purse. Lovely!

Linda said...

And here we are in Britain complaining about the lack of sun and abundance of rain!!
I'm coming over.....
PS Those puzzle pieces are so sweet!

Charlene said...

Now that's HOT! How are your gardens holding up to this heat? So far this has been a drizzly, gray day here. Hope you get some of the same, soon!
Your CQ purse fabbie looks like stained glass - I know it will be beautiful. Can't wait to see.

Plays with Needles said...

You crack me up -- the candle shot is a hoot. And I'm looking forward to that purse developing!!

Paula Hewitt said...

Hi Judy (I thought you'd been really quiet, but i have not been getting your posts in googlereader - i think ive fixed it now) - thats hot, even for here. we rarely get up to 104 - but when we do - yuk! we have constant summer temps of around 93 and high humidity - which is the killer in my opinion (we dont have air con either)

JK said...

Hey hon! Sheesh, looks like you have been having a spell of Cali weather! I keep blowing the circuit breaker because the AC is pumped up.

Nice pictures of your area, looks so tranquil. My kind of place.

BTW, I got your fantastic recipes, and thank you so much!!

Later darlin..