Saturday, July 25, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Despite having been away for a month, we found lots of flowers still blooming when we returned, along with lots of weeds. The hummingbirds love the coralbells but the irises are long gone and waiting patiently to be divided and replanted.

The daylilies are providing lots of color. This one I purchased for the name, Chicago, and just love its beautiful colors.

Our roses have been very late this year, but that meant they are blooming now instead of when were weren't here to enjoy them. Unfortunately one of the tree roses died while we were gone, so we'll have to find a replacement. Now there is only one left of the original three, Brandy, which was always my favorite.

Mr. Lincoln came to our yard after a windstorm broke off its predecesor right at the stake. A work friend recommended "him" because its very disease resistant, and she was right. I think its a beauty. This year for some mysterious reason none of the leaves have any bites from them, not that I'm complaining!
Mr. Lincoln

Every year I search until I find a Black-eyed Susan vine for our pots. Its flower with its very black eye intrigues me. So far it hasn't bloomed a whole lot, but Dick did catch this offering. In catching up with our magazines, I found this plant resource in Sunset magazine and thought someone besides me might enjoy its features.
Black-eyed Susan Vine

The birds have been plentiful also. The other day I saw a pileated woodpecked in our neighbor's yard, and we've had lots of visits from a hummingbird. So far, it hasn't stayed still long enough to photograph, but Dick did get this little guy who is one of two different kinds of chickadees that visit our feeder.
Hungry Visitor

Lastly, and not plant related, is a very tardy photo of my ORT jar for TUSAL. So sorry YoYo! The yarn scraps have buried most of the other pieces, but I have done a bit of stitching these past few weeks as well as lots of knitting. It's almost as colorful as a garden, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

I love the black-eyed Susan. Very pretty.

Your ort jar looks a little bit like mine, but YOURS has more orts. Guess I'd better get stitchin'!

Micki said...

The flowers are so pretty! Thanks for all of the pics!

Karen said...

Your SAL jar is definitely colorful and full!

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of your flowers. The roses are so pretty and the Chicago lily is beautiful. I have the yellow Black-eyed Susan vine also. The ORT jar is interesting. I will have to check out that link for TUSAL.

Charlene said... does your garden grow? Beautifully!! Love Brandy! My intent was to have a rose garden this summer, but alas, not. Won't the birds love those yarn pieces for their nests in the spring? Love the Blackberry Bobble sweater set!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Lovely flowers!!!

I have a "Mr. Lincoln" too...deepest red and so fragrant. Truly, a rose of a rose.

Sharon said...

Your garden is wonderful. Our lawn is dying and now we are being water rationed as they are worried about wild fires her in the foothills. So the flowers are not looking so good either. Veggies are ok. We always seem to be hotter by 6 or 7 degrees to you. Love your flowers. Sharon

Linda said...

Gorgeous photos Judy .... I especially like the apricot rose (I'm also partial to the occasional brandy).
The little chickadee is very cute and seems to be posing for the photo!
Linda x

JK said...

Hey darlin! I know…… I have been very bad a visiting blogs these days, however I do visit yours and a couple of others, I just don’t leave a message. Bad, Bad JK!!

Beautiful new little one you have there! They grow so quickly, and before you know it, you will be attending graduation day!

I have enjoyed looking at your garden with all the gorgeous floral display. Mine are about ready to go night night for the year, except for my Lily of the Nile which is blooming like crazy.

Glad you liked the recipes hon, I love to bake, and always wanted to be a Gourmet Pastry Chef.

Later sweet thing..

Library Gal Quilts said...

pretty! How nice to have lots blooming! I just love Daylilies. Amador Farms is a great resource...located in Amador County, California. love that little bird too!
Pam in Chico