Thursday, July 9, 2009

Home Again, Jiggitty Jog........

After an extremely fun and busy month in the Midwest, mostly at Sylvan Lake, we are back home with lots to do in our garden. While we were gone, it looks like there have been several additions to the raccoon population. Carl caught this photo last night while Dick was cooking burgers outside. These little guys are cute, but not as cute as our newest family member, Daniel, who is now a whopping 6 weeks old! Garden Visitors
When we arrived, Daniel was just becoming more wakeful, and when we left this past Tuesday, he was just beginning to smile. What a busy household! Both Dick and I just shake our heads in wonder. We raised three kids ourselves; how did we ever manage? Then it hits: we were 40 years YOUNGER! Anyone who says age doesn't matter hasn't chased three kids around all day!
Daniel with his Opa
During the past month, I spent a lot of time reading......children's books to David and Sophia. I love Richard Scarry as well as the the 1001 Things to See series, but even so they began to pale after the first hundred or so times! Thanks to David's interest in trains and anything else with wheels, Sophia is able to identify dirt diggers, excavators, and taxis! After two recently acquired books from our nephews, she now has added some words like ballerina and tutu to her ever-growing vocabulary. Reading Time
In the middle of our stay, we snuck off to Minnesota for a quick visit with my sister Jane and Ted's family. Unfortunately Dick only managed to catch three of their grandkids, but needless to say, that was a lively gathering also. We also enjoyed a couple of quiet days, exploring Madison, WI. I'd totally forgotten what a beautiful town that is, and what do you know, we found a couple of interesting shops to explore also.
Analise, Libby, and Sydney
With our comings and goings, I did find a bit of knitting time, and I'll share those projects soon. Right now, though, the sun is shining, and I'm headed outside to work in the yard.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful visit.

My, oh my, your raccoons are quite brave, aren't they?????

I KNOW we have them here, but we rarely see them out and about while the sun is still up.

Linda said...

Welcome back Judy. What lovely family photos, especially the one of Daniel and Opa...just gorgeous! Those raccoons in their 'burglar masks' are amazing....and so many of them!!
Linda xo

Jeanne said...

Daniel is so adorable! Of course, the other visitors are cute, but they can make such a mess!

Sharon said...

Welcome home and what a darling Daniel is. I havenever seen that many racoons all at once. Sharon

Cat said...

What a wonderful trip you had!

It looks like the racoons have taken over while you were away.

Welcome back!!

SueR said...

Daniel looks so tiny and so cute in that picture. I had forgotten all about the Richard Scarry books. We read them for hours when the kids were little. What was the name of that worm that appeared on nearly every page? It's right on the tip of my tongue....Got it! Lowly Worm! That sure brings back alot of memories with the kids.

Merry said...

What wonderful photos and stories. Love all those raccoons.