Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Stitch in Time someone!

In addition to volunteer work, I try to use my needlework to support various charity efforts, either as donations for fundraising efforts or actual completed projects like the quilts that some of our church choir members made to take to the children's hospice in Russia when they were on tour in 2007. Recently I read about a project on Larissa's website to make knit squares to be stitched together for quilts to support Doctor's without Borders. There's still time to participate as the squares aren't due until June 9th. You can read about the details here.
My Square
The women in my quilt group have completed many many quilts for our local Ronald MacDonald house. Some we have done as a joint effort with each of us doing a block or two. Currently we have three such quilts "in the works," and I turned in my square last Friday. "Dressed to the Nines"(McCalls?) is a fun pattern and allows for lots of creativity. I sure had fun making this one!
Quilt Block


spinndiva said...

Hello Judy!

How wonderful to use what one loves to do, to help others. I used to knit a lot for "Project Linus" and have to find out here, who does it, so I can start again.

To answer your question from my blog: I am going to "wing" one ;) no pattern, free after my whims LOL

Sending hugs!

Sharon said...

Hi Judy, I love your dressed for the nines block. Some little girl will love that quilt. I try to make quilts for project Linus and always have fun doing it. Sharon

Kathy A. said...

Just adore you Dressed for nines block. Some little girl will be very lucky to receive that quilt.