Monday, May 25, 2009

Oops, a Day Late......

Thanks to a post by Dee on her blog, I remembered that I was supposed to show a photo of my ORT jar yesterday. "What does ORT stand for?" Dick asked when I asked him to take a picture. Since I didn't know, he's been calling it "a ship in a bottle." Oh well, here it is.

In my jar are scraps from a couple of projects. First, I made a sachet and didn't even make a little dent in my pound of lavender. Luckily, Janet likes lavender, so I sent it to her for her birthday. This pattern by Eunny Jang and free on the Knitting Daily site, challenged me, especially the top part.
Peach Sachet

When we saw this pattern at The Yarn Garden in Gig Harbor, I knew it had Sophia's name on it. I can't wait to see how it looks on her. And then I realized I can't show up with a hat for her and not one for David. I just finished a different hat for him in his favorite color, green. (Picture another day.)
Hat for Sophia

Then my friend Tanya showed me a nifty nursing cover that she uses when feeding Chloe. Well, on the next trip to JoAnn's I got some fabric and learned that there are instructions online. What I was thinking when I bought such slippery fabric, I don't know. But it is finished and waiting....... Meanwhile, I'm off to the garden to pull some more weeds. The sun's out!
for Jill


Anonymous said...

The hat for Sophia is ADORABLE!

Tell your husband that "ort" is a Swedish word for little scraps --- usually meaning crumbs on a table, but taken by the stitching world to mean a little scrap of floss or yarn.

Linda said...

You are always so busy Judy. I can just imagine Sophia in that hat....incredibly cute! I like the lavender sachet; mmmm, I can smell it from here.... I have lots growing in my garden and this year I WILL use it. I have a recipe for lavender cake and biscuits - should be interesting!
Linda x

Wendy said...

I LOVE the hat for Sophia!!!! Soooooo cute!!!

spinndiva said...

Hello There!
Oooohhh you! :) Of course I had to sign up right away for something like this!!
Thank you for linking! What a fun idea!!!