Friday, February 27, 2009

Home Again to SNOW!

We got back late Wednesday night from 10 lovely days in the Florida sunshine and woke up to about 4 inches of snow on Thursday! Our poor little portable GPS, a gift from DS, must have been in shock because it was showing the shortest route back to our last hotel, only 3123 miles away. Not a bad idea except we couldn't get down our hill till later in the day.
Rendezous in Chicago
Enroute to Orlando, we had a long layover in Chicago and met up with our daughter's family for a few delightful hours. The next day we drove to St. Petersburg Beach to the condo my sister and BIL had rented. It was a tad chilly there but way better than either Seattle or Minnesota!
Sunny but Chilly
After a few days of exploring the area with my sister Jane and Ted, we headed south to visit a friend from church who now lives in Englewood. Just as we were leaving her house, this little fellow showed up. Sandra was amazed as she hadn't seen him since our last visit a couple of years ago!
Is that you, Ernie?
Later that same day, we met up with my sister again and also my cousin who lives in Sarasota. We had a nice lunch together before heading to Bonita Springs Beach and Jane and Ted's second condo for a few more days of sun. Tomorrow I'll post some of the photos Dick took during our explorations.
OJ anyone?
Travelling back to Orlando to catch our plane home, we passed lots of orange groves and trucks loaded with oranges. Some of them must have been headed to this processing plant where we stopped to take a couple of photos because we'd never seen anything quite like it. We ate lots of citrus while we were gone, including one type that's only available in January in Florida, the Honey Bell. Yummy!


Anonymous said...

Yep ... those oranges are heading to the processing plant.

I've passed quite a few errant oranges along the roads I drive. I guess they slip through cracks in the trailers.

I saw one truck 1/2 filled with something yellow that was the size of a soccer ball. Pomelos? Not sure, but I sure wished some of THOSE fell off.

Kathy A. said...

Looks like you had a nice vacation. Isn't it cool seeing all that citrus in one place! And did I hear you say snow - now that's a welcome home lol

Kathy said...

Welcome home!

Laurie in Maine said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog via Pat's Puzzle pieces. I'm still laughing out loud over your GPS trying to get you back to Florida :)
My brother-in-law and wife moved to Venice a few years ago and I'm the only one in the family not to go there yet to visit. They all fly and I just don't have interest in that. Road Trip someday with friendly GPS. Alligators & snakes on the list of things to see...not so much!

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
First thanks for your dear greetings mean for the birth of our grandchild, as well as my birthday.
I am pleased that a so beautiful journey experienced it.
So much you experienced !
In addition still the meeting with the family - heart, which you want more :-)
Thanks for your beautiful pictures.
A very interesting vegetation in addition!