Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cat Wars and Dinosaurs

Look who's guarding the register now? Ginger and Mocha both love to sleep on the register under the computer desk but not together.
Keep Out!
Mocha, however, doesn't seem overly concerned. When not on the register, she can sometimes be found snoozing on our bed or one of the other beds in the house. Cats sure do sleep a lot, don't they?
Meanwhile, I've not been sleeping, during the day at least, but rather working on a few projects. New ones...sorry Kris. I've had the yarn for this dinosaur sweater for quite a while and recently realized that if I didn't get cracking and knit with it, there might not be enough yarn for the right size! This is an interesting pattern because you start on the front. That's a bad one for me because usually the promise of doing the front gets me through the back! (I do have some duplicate stitch and embroidery to do on Dino, so that will be my carrot.) I totally changed the pattern's suggested colors because David once asked me for a green dinosaur; he wasn't thinking sweater though. The purple on the dino's tummy is leftovers from Sophia's sweater and finally shows the true color of that yarn. Hopefully there will be enough green yarn left to make one of the "Knitting at Knoon" dinosaur toys too. Can't start that though till I finish a UFO........
Dino Front


Kathy said...

I just hate it when blogger gets cranky and eats my comments.
Ginger and Mocha look very peaceful. Perhaps they know to take turns at the register.
David's sweater is adorable.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Joy! I can see this is going to be a cute dino when he's all finished! And even thoug it's not a WISP, if you finish it, it still counts for our Challenge, so don't forget to pop it on your list. ALL finishes count, new, old, part done previously ... as long as they're a finish, they go on the list! I'm finally heading for the sewing room - has taken 3/4 of the day to do the 'have to' stuff!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Lapplisor said...

I decided to become in the next life a cat.
Then perhaps my place is at the warm furnace with you *lol*
has a nice weekend.

Cat said...

CUTE Dino!

Sweet sleepy cats too...
I like their names Ginger and Mocha.

Yes, the stitching is all freehand. Years ago when I showed a friend an elaboratly embroidered piece I'd done by hand, she just said - "oh my machine will do that." lol.

big boy said...

Cute little sweater there. The cats are working in shifts.

Susan said...

It's serendipity! That purple belly was a must for the dinosaur. So cute!