Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Nice Get Away and Surprises on Our Return ~

We got back late yesterday afternoon from a short get away to Portland for a night and then two nights at Little Creek Cove, which is just north of Newport, Oregon.

The view from our deck

We stayed in one of the lower buildings, a short walk from the sandy beach.

Lots of sand dunes here and so different from the beaches further north.  Note the jacket!  It was very windy and only in the low sixties during the days while the East Coast was sweltering!

I finished my July dishcloth.

We hiked near the Yaquina Head lighthouse.

The trail took us down to Quarry Cove where we saw lots of cormorants and a few people.

Instead of heading all of the way east, we turned off Highway 20 and went back home to Bellevue and found two surprises, a good one and a not so good one.

While we were gone, this wonderful package from from Caffeine Girl arrived.  Don't you just love those earrings?  And the yarn, and the yummy vegetable?  (Oh, you didn't know that chocolate is a vegetable?  I saw that on a pillow once, so it must be true, right?)  Thank you, Deb, I can't wait to make something with this yarn!

As for the not so good surprise, it happened in the dark of night while we were crocosmia plant flowers, that were finally about to bloom, were devoured by a deer.  All of the flowers and buds were neatly snipped off, and the rascal didn't stop there.  It visited the roses in the side yard and pruned them along with the heuchera out back.  At least we got this photo of the plant about to bloom and also enjoyed a few cut roses before we left. Sigh.......sometimes the wildlife around here can be so annoying!

Have a lovely weekend!


Sharon Massena said...

I'm sorry about the deer, but at least the flowers get another chance next year and you had a wonderful vacation.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

What a lovely get away. My crocosmia is just getting ready to bloom. Luckily there are no deer around here.

Anonymous said...

I swear, deer will eat just about anything. Our neighbor in Orlando spent big bucks putting in deer-resistant plants. The first night after the landscaper planted them, the deer pulled them right out of the soil and ATE them.

Tired Teacher said...

Aaah yes, deer are pesky and will eat nearly any plant. I discovered that tulips are like candy to deer.

Love your swap goodies, especially the vegetable package.

Araignee said...

Great swap goodies! Sorry about the deer. So far they've been keeping their distance from my hostas but it's just a matter of time.

karen said...

our deer have destroyed the front bushes through the winter. The bushes rally back in the summer so they can feed the deer once more. It's a vicious cycle. Lovely trip!!

Rian Ammerman said...

We often see deer on the golf course. Other than that, deer are rare in these parts. So some of us get very excited to see them. And others have had their own run-ins with deer and consider them a nuisance. That scenario played out yesterday...the comments were kind of humorous.

Caffeine Girl said...

I'm so glad you liked the goodies!
I just love all the photos of the shore. It's so far from Wisconsin to an ocean.
Deer aren't very respectful, are they?

kathy b said...

Love the yarn DEB sent you. Very different and very fun. Deer....oh deer......Lil bambi's with big appetites.

Betsy said...

In all our trips to Newport, Oregon, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Little Creek Cove. Will have to look for that next time. I love your swap package but I’m so sorry to hear about the damage the deer did. They are beautiful but can be so destructive.
Many blessings, Betsy