Friday, May 11, 2018

A Few More Finishes

We spent most of this weekend involved with our Worship through Music church services this morning.  However, I do have a few finishes to share.

I started this scarf/shawl a long time ago, and it's finally finished. It's an interesting pattern and include directions for a bind off that was new to me.

The colors in the second photo are truer to real life.

Like some others of my knitting friends, I've been in a dishcloth mood.  It was helped by the discovery of the fun Crazy Eights pattern which is reminiscent of the Almost Lost dishcloth.

Our recent warmer days have found me out working in the yard, or should I say fighting with Mother Nature?  Boy, is there ever a lot to do!  Our front yard camellia is really pretty this year.

Oh, and this week I got the strangest knitting request of my whole knitting life.  I may share it when it's completed.......  Have a happy week!


Araignee said...

Oh, that shawl!!!! Those dishcloths make me so happy. I love those colors.

Tired Teacher said...

The shawl has unique construction. I imagine it was an interesting project to knit. Love the dishcloths and I'm eager to hear about your unusual knitting request.

Betsy said...

Hmmmm. I wonder with that request could be? The shawl is very pretty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pattern like that before. Very interesting. That dishcloth pattern has sure been popular lately. I may just need to look it up. We have rain again today, but sunshine is promised for the next week so we shall see!
Blessings, Betsy

Anonymous said...

Oh, now you have me intrigued. What on earth could be a "strange" knitting request.

You dishcloths are so cheery!

Rian Ammerman said...

What an interesting shawl! Your camellias sure like it there, they’re so beautiful.

karen said...

beautiful shawls!! I love them both equally :)

kathy b said...

How can those colors be so different! WOW

Caffeine Girl said...

I am very curious about this odd request!
Very pretty shawl. At first glance, I thought you had made two!
My Seattle cousin flew out for the graduation and now I'm thinking of Seattle for next spring break!