Thursday, June 29, 2017

Whew! Finished!

Happy to say, I haven't disappeared, but I have finished the three shawls that were my June goal plus a pair of socks that have been lingering undone for way too long. Those projects plus the fact that the sun was out here, and we've been out enjoying it are my excuse for having not posted for ages.  Now to get caught up:

The first of our adventures was on Mother's Day weekend when we accompanied the grand kids and family on the train to Portland where we met up with our nephew's family.  Here we are wondering whether the train will ever arrive in Seattle so we can start our trip.

As the train arrived in Portland, the skies opened, first with an absolute deluge which was followed by lots of hail and commenced with a bang of thunder and lightning. It was an impressive welcome!  Fortunately we didn't have to walk too far to our hotel.

That evening we had a fun dinner out with our nephew's family.   After a good night's sleep we headed home.

Another weekend we headed over the mountains to the town of Winthrop where we had fun exploring the area.

As we climber higher, there was still snow on the road side.  However there were also flowers like these lupine at the lower elevations.

We also did a little hiking to see an amazing waterfall.

This past weekend we drove up to Mount Baker where there is still lots of snow.  This past winter they had over 900 inches. 

This road opened to traffic yesterday, but we were able to walk up it for a couple miles without seeing one car!

I don't think this snow will melt any time soon, do you?

We were intrigued by these rocks.  The strata reminded us of Devil's Postpile in the Sierras.
So, where's the knitting, you say?

This is shawl # 2 which I plan to deliver tomorrow. but shawl 3 still hasn't been photographed, so I'll have to show you that later.  However, here are the infamous socks which languished for so long.

A good lesson was learned, too. When you wait a few years to make sock #2, you have forgotten a lot.  My second sock had to be ripped out when I realized the heel was  started too late and said sock was going to fit a giant.  Sigh.  Live and learn, eh?  Well, it's getting late.  There are lots of other photos to share, and I will do so soon.  Have a good weekend!


Araignee said...

Beautiful projects....but that scenery!!!!! What a trip!

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh that knitting! Unbelievable! And I love the photos, especially the first where everyone looks so tiny on those huge benches! But the scenery is lovely too (minus the snow part). Have a wonderful weekend, Judy. xo

Tired Teacher said...

What a contrast - shorts/snow - I can't imagine 900" of snow.

Love your shawl and socks!

Betsy said...

Beautiful! Love the knitting but the scenery is amazing. Oh how we love the Northwest. Driving through South Dakota and today Iowa, reminds us both of why we love our home in Washington. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful trip. I've been over passes like that in both Oregon and Nevada. It always amazes me.

Mereknits said...

Your trips sound wonderful Judy. I can't believe that snow in June!

karen said...

what a gorgeous view! lovely projects all finished so you can start a bunch more :)

kathy b said...

I LOVE THIS POST . So good to see you Judy! looking GREAT. Im maintaining on WW but its a struggle every day! Sigh. But I did find a swim suit and there was no drama this time! I love your green shawl.

elns said...

What a fantastic set of adventures! I love it when you go on a summer hike and you see both the signs of summer and the beauty of a lingering snow of a good winter in the mountains.

I haven't been back to Portland since before I had my son, it's on the list. sigh.

I know of this second sock adventure after too much time. I think you have just inspired me to get my knitting mojo back on. all the best!

Moira said...

Lots of gorgeous scenery in your travels! And what fun with the grands. =)