Sunday, January 29, 2017

Where Does the Time Go?

Here it is almost the end of January, and I've only written one other post.  How come the days go by so quickly?  I have, however, finished several projects.

As you may have seen on Araignee's blog, I made her a pair of mitts as a thank you for the soap she sent me.  The pattern is Fetching; the cables show up better on a plain color though.  i do a normal bind off rather than the picot one in the pattern

Lately I seem to be fixated on mitts.  This is the second time I've made these music mitts, and they are a fun project.

This time I used a Hatti kit, two actually, to make another pair of slippers.  There's probably enough yarn left for a hat.

Last fall, one of my grandsons requested a pair of socks in red and yellow, and I finally finished them.  Hope they fit and he likes them.

And at long last the seams in this sweater are DONE!  The pattern is Pacific Pullover and the yarn is Berroco Briza.  It was done ages ago except for the seaming which I always seem to procrastinate.

Here's the youngest modelling a hat made long ago.  Looks like it still fits!  Enjoy the last two days of January. Happy almost Ground Hog's Day.  Do you think he'll see his shadow?


Betsy said...

My goodness you've gotten a lot of projects done! The mitts are beautiful. And so are all of your other projects. The sweater turned out beautifully. I don't enjoy seaming either, but it has to be done doesn't it? Isn't it nice when family enjoys receiving your knitted items? And it looks like your little one truly likes her hat. With the winter we've had over here, hats are getting a lot of use!
Blessings, Betsy

Dar said...

You sure have been knitting up a storm in January. I certainly agree that the days are flying by quickly. You have some really cute mittens there. I want to try mittens one day, but I'm still working on socks. The recipients of those items are lucky to get such nice gifts.

karen said...

you might not be blogging much but you sure are crafting a lot! Lovely projects finished!!

Tired Teacher said...

Fantastic finished projects! The red and yellow stockings are calling to me - very nice.

Araignee said...

We've got snow today and I wore them out to take the dog's for a walk. I love them. All of mine are fingering weight and no good for when it is really cold. These were so nice and warm-just perfect. Thanks again. I'm off to queue that pattern!

Sharon Massena said...

I think you've found the secret! Less computer time equals more knitting time. Congratulations on all the wonderful items you've knitted.

kathy b said...

Great finishes Judy~ !!!! The mitts for Deb were lovely and she loved them!!
Ground Hog day already! This is good. It means we are closer to Spring. it means Im closer to visiting Al in Oklahoma . And it means Troy and I painted the entire house interior in January. well, we have one small part left to do tomorrow! I love the hat that still fits, the model is perfect

Anonymous said...

You know spring is coming, right? Might be time for a sundress for Sophie! Those little slippers are so cute. Lots of good finishes in this post.

elns said...

Okay the littlest modeling her hat is just so sweet. how cute is that combo?

I'm going to look up that sweater pattern it looks so wearable! All my knitting friends keep distracting me!

Also I love those "Harry Potter" socks. I want!