Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Wow, the past several days have been really crazy!  We had a day-long choir workshop last Saturday and then went to see a play in which a choir friend was one of the 4-person cast members.  I counted 43 seats in the theater and needless to say, each seat was a good one.  The play was a new one called Mirror Images,  and we enjoyed it.  With a choir rehearsal on Tuesday because of Halloween, a couple of days helping out our daughter and our usual Tuesday volunteering, it's been hard to remember which day was what!  Despite our weird schedule, I did manage to finish a few projects.

Sothia is done!  Remember when I sought advice on how to finish the ruffle? As you can see I decided to repeat the beige since I had plenty of it.  Thanks for the encouragement.  That ruffle took forever, but I'm happy with the results.

Kathy pointed me to this pattern and it sure looks cute on Stella. Attaching the hood wasn't the most fun I've ever had, but that was the only really challenging part.

October is the Purple Crying Campaign and since the UW hospital participates, I finished a few little hats.  The hats are given to new parents along with information about the crying issues many tiny babies have.

My laugh for the morning came in the form of an email.  David dredged up part of an old costume I made years ago for his mom and created the "Viking Chicken".  Interesting bird, eh?

Haven't yet heard what these two are wearing, but they sure have fun with their guinea pig Amy!

Last we heard, this little guy was quite please with the idea of masquerading as Tigger.

And as for this little lady, perhaps she'll sleep through the whole celebration?

Hope you all have a fun Halloween!  I'm off to empty the dishwasher........


kathy b said...

Thank you for the shout out. I love that poncho pattern. Truth be told I just knit hat to go with the poncho.

PUrple crying is so important. We are teaching it all the time and parents look at me like im nuts. I have a crying pumpkin to send you that i carved!

Anonymous said...

Stella looks a lot like her brother! So cute --- and how creative is David???? What a unique costume.

Amy brought back many happy memories of all Stephen's piggies. We had four over the years. One was an adoptee that came to us totally hairless due to malnutrition. He turned out to be real handsome once his hair grew in.

Merry said...

What happy looking the chicken outfit. That little hooded cape is too cute. I really like all the work you have put into that shawl...amazing.

Nancy said...

It's fun to see children in costume and having fun.

I love your finished knitting projects: the shawl is gorgeous and the border on the ruffle is perfect. Nice job.

straythreads said...

adorable pics!

Lynn said...

Adorable pictures and Tigger is really beyond cute! What beautiful things you've made, I love that fuschia color, what girl wouldn't?

Teresa in Music City said...

Sothia is beautiful Judy!!! It will look so lovely when you wear it and perfect for this time of year. The little hooded cape is precious! I made a crocheted one for my daughter when she was tiny and still remember how cute she looked in it :*) Great finishes all around!

Karen said...

The pink hooded cape you made is so pretty. I haven't made anything with a hood yet, I will try to remember that it is worth the effort. You have lots of beautiful grandchildren.

Wendy said...

Your shawl is so very pretty! Those grans are growing up quickly. They are so cute.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Almost Little Red Riding Hood is darling. Don't you love that imagination? Hope the sweeties had a choco'fun Halloween, and you, too!

karen said...

That shawl is one that I'd like to knit I think. I love the way you added the extra beige, it looks like it was meant to be. The ruffle looks good and I bet you're thrilled to be done with the project!!


Hello Judy, The hooded cape is a very lovely color and fantastic looking..Great Job. Yes, Isn't grandchildren just absolutely wonderful... They brighten our days for sure.. Hugs Judy

Crazee4books said...

Hey Judy,
How are you? Nice to reconnect with you after
my long hiatus from blogging. I see you're
still knitting beautiful things, traveling to
beautiful places and have gained a beautiful
new grandbaby. Congrats! Sweet Stella.

I love seeing what kids can come up with when
creating their own Halloween costumes. So
did David go out for Halloween as a bearded


Susan said...

I absolutely know I commented on this one! Was your blog one of the ones I had to mail comments to you instead of putting them on the blog, for a while?