Friday, August 23, 2013

Off the Needles and a Bit More

I've just about wrapped up the baby knitting for a while.  There are lots of other big-people UFOs waiting for some attention!

I used the leftovers from Max's baseball sweater to make this matching hat, and

these booties are waiting to be sent off to a friend's newest grand daughter. The birth sampler is finished and ready to be framed.  No photos here because DD sometimes reads my blog. So, UFOs, here I come!

Meanwhile, Stella finally opened her eyes for Opa!  It's hard to believe she's already more than one week old.

Here's big brother concentrating on his favorite food

It was a big week in Chicago for this little lady.  Sophia (pink shirt) started school, had a birthday and was so thrilled to finally have a girl cousin. She looks happy, doesn't she?

And out in the garden, the black-eyed Susan vine is on its way to our upstairs bedroom!  That's all for now.  We're off to work in the church choir library before heading over to help DD. Bye! But, before you head off, stop by Patchwork Times and see what others have on their needles today!


Lynn said...

As always, such beautiful knitting, the colors you use are always so rich and vibrant. Adorable grandchildren, what a happy bunch you have!

Janet said...

I just love baby things. Cute hat and booties. Great photos of the kids and garden.

Anonymous said...

Stella is beautiful!

And.....Sophia ALWAYS looks happy!

Debra Spincic said...

Give those grandkids a hug for me too!

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh Stella is so cute!!!! And you did a great job on the little knitted cap :*)

Nancy Kay said...

Your baby items are sooooo cute! And the pictures of your grandchildren---adorable! Nothing like the first day of school for excitement!

kathy b said...

Awww that's one happy school girl! she's adorable. Stella is too.

Love your leftovers hat.

I'll head over to the link. I am always interested in others knitups

Nancy said...

Great photos of the kiddos.

I've never seen a Black-eyed Susan vine. Did you start it from a seedling or a seed?

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Beautiful knitting and even more beautiful grands!!! =D Precious! blessings ~ tanna

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I'm sorry I missed the arrival of Stella! What a beautiful, wee one she is! Love your colorful garden, too.

karen said...

Oh what a sweet baby :) She is beautiful and to smile at you well that is just perfection! Love the knits :)


Hello Judy, your knitting is wonderful. Stella,is a sweetie. Big Brother is a cutie too. Sophia definitely looks like a very Happy and Sweet young lady. Your garden photos are very pretty. Hugs Judy