Monday, August 5, 2013

Flower Power to Make You Smile!

What is there about flowers that makes me so happy?  Is it their cheery colors, or the fact that they are announcing one of the best summers ever?

These green-edged petunias make me smile.  I think they are called "Purely Picasso". 

Gerbera daisies that survived the winter in our garage show their pretty colors happily.

This geranium was pleased to spend the winter in the garage also and is thanking us with some pretty blooms.

The garden is full of surprises daily, like these yellow coreopsis.

The black-eyed Susan vine, one of my favorites, is climbing a string to out second story.  (It's much prettier than Jack's bean stalk, don't you think?

Lily of the Nile  has at least twenty blossoms just like this one. It was a gift from the garden of a quilting friend, who tells me the deer love these tasty morsels.  So far our deer hasn't discovered them, and the pesky rabbits can't reach.

Our newest hydrangea is so pretty in pink,and we are wondering whether it'll stay that way. All of our other pink ones are now a brilliant blue, thanks to our acid soil.

And this tiny tree was a Mother's Day gift from DD#2.  I just love it!

Obviously not a flower, this guy which we think is a red-breasted sapsucker, paid us a visit last week and stayed long enough for several photos. He was happily searching for bugs in the birch tree. (Check out that impressive beak!)

And speaking of things that make me smile, here's Max trying to figure out how to get out of this very inviting box.  Opa finally helped him.

Have a Happy Day!


kathy b said...

love love love all your flowers and i love your new self picture

Anonymous said...

All of your pictures are lovely, but that last one is just PRECIOUS!

Nancy Kay said...

Your a nice variety of color and form. Beautiful flowers bring me a lot of joy too! And that little Max...what a cutie.

Nancy said...

If I had all those gorgeous blooms in my yard, I'd be out there all the time. Thanks for brightening my day.

Love the photo of Max - it's priceless!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Such beautiful flowers!! They are indeed a "happy" sight! And, you know that precious Max makes me smile! =D blessings ~ tanna

Jeanne said...

Your flowers are beautiful and definitely deserving of smiles. Max is so cute! Glad you helped him out.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

You saved the best for last! How cute is he?

Janet said...

Beautiful flower photos, Judy. I love spring and summer gardens too. Max takes the prize for cute!

Becca said...

Ha Ha! What a funny picture of Max...glad Opa helped him get out....cute!
Wow, you have some colorful flowers in your garden! I was thrilled to get some rain last night! I'm working on some crocheted baby sandals...I was coming along just fine, and now I"m stuck!'s time to put them away for the night and try again later. :-) I'm working more hours next week, but will catch up with you soon I hope! Can't wait to hear about baby!

Linda said...

You must have green fingers Judy (do you have that phrase over there?)
And the photo of Max ....priceless! :-)