Thursday, April 4, 2013


As you probably know, we recently returned from Chicago and a visit with our daughter's family. Our ten days there were busy and COLD! Dick did manage to catch a few shots of the kids though.

What message Sophia was giving David is a mystery. He seems oblivious, doesn't he?

Here is a rare shot of Daniel behind Sophia; he was rarely still long enough to photograph!

Can you do this? Every time I look at this photo, my hips start to hurt!

Soon after we returned home, we headed over to Magnolia to see Max. That day he was quite busy playing with an old Tonka truck and sharpening his pre-walking skills. Just this past Sunday we were lucky enough to witness his first steps. Life will be getting interesting at their house, don't you think?

Speaking of visitors, this very cheeky deer came to our yard the other day. He or she looked me right in the eye and then proceeded to chomp off part of a potted rose as if to say, "I dare you!" It then moved on to sample other goodies before I ran screaming out the door in hot pursuit. A bit later we noticed that the traffic was slowing on the street behind our house, and sure enough, Old Cheeky and friend were putting on a show for the passing cars. Sigh. Moles and rabbits and now deer, who will we be feeding next?  You can see him/her in action here


Dee said...

This is the first year we've had trouble with the deer eating in our yard. They had a buffet on my new shrubs. :-(

The kids are growing up so fast. Yikes! That pose of David's makes my hip hurt too.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, your babies are growing up so fast, Judy! Precious times you are spending with them!! and, yes, that hurts my hip, too. blessings ~ tanna

Debra Spincic said...

I might be able to get into that pose but would need the EMS to get me out of it!

Munch, munch.

Crispy said...

There isn't a better word in the english language than Gramma....well maybe Momma :0) I bet they really kept you hopping LOL.


Nancy said...

First steps for Max - how exciting that you were there to see them!

Deer love tulip bulbs, too. They dug mine up or pulled them up once the green shoots began to pop through the dirt.

kathy b said...

THe kids are just too cute in each and every picture

Bad deer bad bad bad

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Adorable kids, and friends! My last veggie garden was after they and their rabbit pals ate the green beans - then the plants. That move of David's is the way my DS held his leg while nursing. I seriously doubt he can do it at 31.

Sharon said...

Cheeky deer... that bobcat stayed around for over an hour just sunning himself in our yard. He even knew we were watching him. Usually they are shy...not this guy.

Your grand kiddies are so cute and growing so fast. How much fun!
When will it stop raining.We even have snow on Mt.Si!

Becca said...

Oh my gosh, your grandson sure is limber! I'm with you, it makes my knees and hips hurt! Wow! A deer in your yard? You do have a lovely shady garden with beautiful plants...I can see why he likes it. :-)