Friday, March 29, 2013

To Pool or Not to Pool?

Judy L. at Patchwork Times is sponsoring a Pooling Challenge, so I dug out these 2 possibilities from my stash.  I started the Simple Skyp pattern with the yarn on the right and am loving the Skyp stitch, but so far no pooling is happening....... Would that be Murphy's Law perhaps?

These brown socks for DH finally popped off the needles this week and are being worn!

Here's our newest great niece, Kaitlyn, along with her siblings.  I need to get going on finishing her gift before she outgrows it!

Check out what others have on their needles at Patchwork Times.


Debra Spincic said...

You must be a really fast knitter!

Nancy said...

What a precious photo of the siblings - one they will cherish later.

I'd love to jump in the pooling challenge, but I have too many other projects that must be finished first. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that just figure!!! Maybe some pooling will happen around the gussets.

Judy D in WA said...

The felici yarn is great for striped socks. I think I may have that colorway in my stash. I love to wear them! so soft.
DH's socks looks nice!!
What a gorgeous family! Such sweet little faces. :)

Fünfzigerjahremädel said...

Hello Judy,
yes,we also need socks the whole time!!!
This night it snowed again!
I wish you a good eastertime with your knitting!

Janet said...

Hi, Judy. Pretty sock yarns. Don't you know that yarns only pool when you don't want them to pool. :-) Such a sweet photo.

kathy b said...

Those socks look like they will get lots of use on ordinary days and they look great.

THe new baby is adorable

Crispy said...

I only get pooling when I don't want it, good luck :0)


Nancy Kay said...

Hmmm...never heard of a pooling challenge. Sounds interesting though. I hope to hear more about how well it goes.

Cute picture of the new baby and the sweet siblings.

Rian said...

The grands just keep getting cute and cuter.

Wendy said...

Sweet family photo of the grans. You are a prolific knitter Judy!

karen said...

it is definitely murphy's law. You should cast on hoping for it not to pool and then you would get what you wanted on opposite day!