Monday, January 14, 2013

The Week that Was~

Last week was an interesting one! We found a January rose in our garden, and soon after the temperature dropped to the upper twenties, the coldest yet this winter.

I finally finished the Monster sweater just in time for Max's first birthday celebration. How can he be one already?

And it fits with room to grow!

A couple other projects were completed, too, this dishcloth

and these Pocket Book Slippers:

They work well, too. Thanks, Kathy for the pattern link! It's a great way to use up leftover yarn.

Sunbonnet Sue even got a bit of attention. I cut apart the blocks and arranged them. Now they are almost ready to sash, but first I have to rinse out the embroidery "blue lines". Wish me luck!

Stay tuned!


Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Max...I can't believe he's one already!! That sweater is just adorable and he looks so grown up in it!I like those slippers too...very nice. A has been very cold here too...and we have one rose bush that is still blooming...its yellow too! have a great day!!

Lynn said...

We are having record warm temperatures here, weird!
What a cute sweater, really adorable!
Love the sunbonnet sue blocks!

Nancy said...

The rose is lovely - such a pretty color. It must be on a hardy bush!

Max's sweater is fun and looks great on him.

Hmmm, I have LOTS of scraps and need to try the slipper pattern.

Anonymous said...

Max's little monster is adorable. The only thing cuter is little Max himself. He certainly is a handsome boy!

Becca said...

Oh my gosh Judy! That sweater is so cute, and Max looks so sweet in it! Lovely rose...I guess the 20's didn't scare it away! Yes, it's chilly, but the low's in Vegas are the same now, and it's freezing at night there too! I'll take this any day! Still getting over my sadness over the Seahawks loss yesterday. What a fun season it's been!

Rian said...

Gosh are those slippers cute! Glad you showed a photo of 'em on the feets because I couldn't figure it out.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

That monster sweater is PERFECT for Max!! I love it. My grandson would love it, too! Hard to believe that he is a year old. Wow! Time flies when you're having fun. blessings ~ tanna

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Max! He looks adorable in his monster sweater. You did a great job on it!
I can't believe you're still getting roses blooming. I hope those cold temperatures didn't kill it off.

Nancy Kay said...

That sweater is so cute!! What a lot of color work! I'm in awe.

Your other projects are beautiful too. What a great way to use up left over yarns.

What a nice surprise to get a rose in the garden this time of year!

kathy b said...

MOnster sweater is AMAZING..!!!!!
Love your pocketbook slippers...they are FUN!
SUnbonnets everywhere.....WOW can't wait to see them all stitched together

Janet said...

You have had a busy week, Judy. Max is adorable in his monster sweater. You did a great job. I've always wanted to try the pocket book slippers. It's such an interesting design. Sunbonnet Sue squares look so nice together.

Merry said...

Oh many wonderful things. That rose is so pretty, such clever little slippers and yes, how can Max be one already. Love his little jumper...he looks so toasty and warm in it.

shirley said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog. Loved the sunbonnet sue stitching for the quilt it is gorgeous.
your little grandson is adorable in that his monster jumper

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Judy! Love that monster jumper for your little cutie! :0) And those slippers are cool ... who'd think that looking at the empty slippers that they would fit footsies so well. Very hot here at the moment, so no need for slippers and I'm enjoying it while it's here! :0) Stay warm and happy knitting - Bear Hugs! KRIS

Susan Elliott said...

Love that monster sweater for Max! He has gotten so big and he's just adorable. Those self ruffling scarves are showing up on friends everywhere ;) I haven't made one but they are almost as popular as the fuzzy ones were years ago...xo Susan