Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sun, Shade, and Yes, Yarn!

Can you believe we missed seeing this example of yarnbombing at the baseball stadium?  Thanks to our son's friend we at least got to see a photo.  Fun, huh?

Two weekends ago we headed across our mountains to Spokane in search of sun....and yarn.  We found both.  If you get a chance, visit Paradise Fibers either online or in person.  You may be overwhelmed with all the choices though.

On Saturday it was so beautiful, we decided to explore the northeast corner of our state.  In so doing, we also learned a bit of history

and found a wonderful roadside rest.

Can you imagine this view from your living room window?

The little boy in this picture gives you an idea of the height of the falls. We also saw lots of interesting plants.

Twin flower
I think this is staghorn fern.  Does anyone know?

The Box Canyon bridge was completed in 1910, the same year Dad was born.

Driving back home, we saw lots of "amber waves of grain!"  And yes, it was still cloudy when we got home, so we fully appreciated our brief escape to the sunshine.

Be careful what you wish for!  We finally got some warm weather last weekend.  On Sunday the thermometer hit 93 degrees, breaking a 35 year record !  The day before, we headed for a spot we knew would be cool, Deception Pass.  First we stopped in Mount Vernon at their Saturday Farmer's Market,
and then we checked out another very nice yarn shop called Wild Fibers.  Be sure to visit if you're ever in the area!

How many people could circle this tree?

We walked down to the beach and saw lots of other folks who'd also come down here to cool off. You can see both sections of the bridge from this spot.  It carries lots of traffic every day.  After a pleasant afternoon, we headed back home, and on Monday morning our clouds were back.  It was a very quick summer!


Anonymous said...

You take the most beautiful pictures!

Love the yarnbombing! That looks like they knit a LOT! :-)

Nancy said...

Great photos of your trip. What beautiful scenery.

I checked out the online yarn shops, but the second link doesn't work. :o(

Becca said...

Hi Judy! Great shots! I love the yarn bombing at Safeco field! Also, that photo of you and Dick...too cute! We are heading back to Kirkland's been a very nice visit to Alderbrook.

kathy b said...

I enjoy our trips JUDY!!!! Lovely images..what's your camera these days?

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Love the whole yarn bombing idea. Great shots from your outing. A high of 93º is welcome here since we have spent much of the summer in the triple digits.

Merry said...

More terrific and informative photos. I really do enjoy travelling with you. :-)

Marguerite said...

So that's where our hot weather went. You're welcome to it.

Great pictures.

SueR said...

Yarn bombings -- interesting to look at, but who does that? You live in a very beautiful state, always enjoy reading about your travels.

Susan Elliott said...

I don't know if that's a staghead fern but I DO know that the pic of you and DH is my absolute fave of all time. You two are ADORABLE!! Frame that one for the kids!

Gerry said...

My goodness, WOMAN. I'm finally getting around to thanking you for your visit to my blog, and for your kind words, and I see that you're out and about AGAIN!

I envy you that you get to see so many wonderful places. I'm also thankful that you take such wonderful photos to share :-)

Have fun! Gerry