Thursday, August 23, 2012

Off Celebrating!

We've been gone for a few days, off to the Oregon Coast to celebrate our 47th anniversary. It's a bit of a distance to Newport, OR, from here, so we spent the first night in the Portland area. (Before we headed to the coast, we stopped at Twisted, a wonderful yarn shop and, of course, did not leave empty handed.) We spent two nights here at Little Creek Cove.  Our condo was on the left side.

The weather was absolutely perfect, and we were treated to two gorgeous sunsets.  As you can see, this beach has lots of sand which makes for interesting walking.

If we walked out far enough, we could see the Yaquina Head lighthouse in the distance.  Can you imagine living there?  The time passed all too quickly, just like these forty-seven years have done.  What a fun get away!

When we got back home, we played with our new solar powered garden lights but haven't quite decided where their permanent home will be.

We also picked a few roses.  They were late to bloom this year, but the wait has been well worth it.  Perfect timing, I'd say!


Anonymous said...

I would love to live somewhere beautiful. I'm afraid Orlando is not very pretty and the beach towns here are far too developed to be pretty anymore.

Your lighthouse beach looks nearly perfect.

Happy anniversary! 47 years is quite an accomplishment. We'll have our 33rd in a few weeks.

Janet said...

Happy Anniversary! Love your photos. What a lovely place to celebrate.

Pat said...

Happy Anniversary!

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Marguerite said...

Congratulations on 47 years. That's a long time. How wonderful that you still enjoy traveling and being together. You are blessed.

kathy b said...

Happy Anniversary.
Your nighttime garden is magical I LOVE IT

Roses are not red but amazingly beautiful

The beaches looked so wonderful

Susan Elliott said...

Happy Anniversary Judy! Jm and I "honeymooned" on the Oregon coast when we were dating for two weeks...we had no plan. Just rented a car and hopped from small coastal town to small town...getting tips and advice from the locals we met along the way. It was the best trip of our life. We're planning to go back there for our 20th anniversary which is in 2016, God willing.

So glad you had such a special time.

Becca said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the Oregon Coast...what a lovely way to celebrate. I've actually been up in that light house a long time many stairs...not sure my old knees could take it now. Do they still have tours there?

Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Glad I had a moment to stop by. Sure do miss visting my favorite blogs. Enjoyed your pictures....and of course your little guy is precious. Hugs!

SueR said...

Congratulations on your 47th anniversary. That's amazing. The Oregon coast is beautiful. Never been to Oregon, but I loved San Diego when I lived there.