Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh, the Weather Outside Is Dreary.......

On Tuesday evening we had our "snow event" which had been predicted for more than a week. According to the forecast, the snow was to begin during the rush hour; thus, on our way home from volunteering at the hospital that afternoon, we saw buses decked out in chains but NO snow. No snow, that is until about 7:45 PM, when I glanced outside to see lots of fluffy flakes, falling hard. In no time at all, the view from our front door looked like this:

And outside looking in, like this:

Dick thought our neigbor's house looked especially pretty. However, during the night, the temperature began to rise, and rain began falling so that by morning, all that was left was a mere trace and a few strangely parked cars that had been abandoned during the height of the snowfall. Today the thermometer reads 55 degrees!

In case you're wondering whether I've abandoned my stitching and knitting, I haven't. I've been taking stock of bags of UFOs and trying to decide which one should be finished first. I also joined the Mystery 220 group and am for the moment caught least till Saturday when clue #3 will be posted. Mocha is quite curious as to what this will be. I think I know....we'll see.

Another project I started before Christmas and had hoped to finish. Life got in the way, and I spent about a week like this: (Mocha and Ginger liked the new routine!)

Fortunately, I am fine now and back making 15 of these these little widgets:

Can you guess what they are? They are to be attached to something I'm making for a certain little gal who loves pink and knows how to defend her territory. Doesn't she look like she's saying, "Hands off!"

Maybe in the next post I'll reveal what these are. Meanwhile I'm going to go make some cranberry bread. I am trying to relearn how to bake gluten and dairy free, a real challenge. (Oh, and in case you are curious, that strange looking flower in my header is witch hazel. Every January it begins to bloom, and it's right on schedule.) Happy January!


Janet said...

Your evening snow pictures are lovely -- so peaceful. The mystery knit is looking terrific. I changed yarns, started over and should be caught up by Saturday for the next clue.

Becca said...

Hi Judy, your snow photos are lovely! It sure looks like you got a lot until the rains came. Maybe it was a good thing it didn't happen at rush hour like it did in November huh? :-) I love the shot of your 2 cats trying to help you to feel better, mine do the same thing! Good luck with your projects, can't wait the see what it is! We're supposed to get into the 60's by the weekend...such strange weather this January.

Plays with Needles said...

Judy, You need a longer afghan!! I'm glad you're feeling better...and I'm sorry the snow didn't last longer. But I always admire that you just take off and go for a drive to find some.

Those little tutus look really fun. I'm looking forward to seeing how you use them. I joined the Jane Crowfoot Crochet Club and it starts this weekend. I haven't received my wool yet but it's all Rowan and I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

The snowy house with the lights is beautiful! It's a shame the snow didn't last. :-(

It's funny --- I DID wonder about the plant in your header.

Dorothy said...

We went to bed with lovely snow and woke up to see it all gone. I actually am kind of glad it turned into nothing, although I was fully prepared to be snowed in. Curious to see what your project is!

Cranberry Morning said...

I love the header photo! I am glad to hear that you are feeling fine again. Cute photo of you and the kitties. What kind of cat is the dark one. He looks pretty hefty, like my Lionel! Your snow looks so pretty, especially the photo with the tracks.

Have you seen the book, 'World of Knitted Toys' by Kath Dalmeny. It's fantastic. I borrowed a copy through my library and last night purchased a 'Very Good' used copy through Tons of patterns making more realistic looking toys than many others I've seen.

Neuroknitter said...

Such wonderful snow!! I wish we got some of that instead of stupid freezing rain :(

I so love when kitties snuggle with you when you're feeling puny!

Our witch hazel is just beginning to sprout some petals...woohoo!!

Gerry said...

Judy, thanks for visiting and for commenting. Sorry to be sooooooo long in responding.

While I like the photos, that's too much snow for me! LOL.

Love the register wars, though. Too funny.

Your grandbabies are so cute. Looks like they just love their hats and scarves. Nice job.

Take care!

hakucho said...

Your witch hazel photo is awesome!! Glad you are feeling better :)

Lynn said...

Such pretty pictures, I love the one of your neighbors house. Looks as if it's the North Pole! Your granddaughter is darling, but what are the widgets?

Marguerite said...

Isn't it amazing that our animals know when we're not feeling OK?

Love the witch hazel picture. I've tried growing it, but it wasn't happy here. Maybe the sandy soil? Or the Michigan winter was a bit much for it?

Cat said...

Pretty pretty can something so pretty be so cold and full of hard work shoveling? But your photos look like Christmas cards...nice!

A whole week stretched out under cover with comfort cats! I'm glad you are feeling better. When I'm sick it really does help to have a Jack Russell along each side too.

Okay, I'm trying to guess what the little widgets are...they look like little too-toos for little dolls. But I don't think that is it... so I am thinking it must have something to do with Valentines. I give up!

I hope your cranberry bread works out! I try to cook very low carb... not always easy.

Smiles, Cat

Barbara C said...

That's an intriguing bit of stranded knitting. I'm as curious as Mocha about what it will be.

I'm glad you're up and around no, though I'm sure the cats would rather have a nap companion.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

It's so nice reconnecting with you and all my other blogging friends.
I'm slow to get back into the
routine, but it's hard to let the
"holiday" groove go and get back
into the normal, work week routine.

It's interesting to see the results
of your little snow storm. The
photos are very pretty, especially
the one of your neighbour's house.

We have had small snow falls lately
that have been adding a few inches
to the accumulated snow on the ground each time.

Saturday we had snow almost all
day and it was very pretty. Then
the temperature plummeted yesterday
to -22 Celsius and it was most
unpleasant to be outside. Today
the temperature rose to +1 and our
pretty snow turned into slush and
mush. Tomorrow we go back down to
-6 Celsius and everything will

I'm not looking forward to
the walk home from the train station tomorrow evening after

I love those pictures that you
posted of your drive to Snoqualmie Pass. The pink mountain tops are
breathtaking to see. Imagine
being able to drive a short
distance from home and have such
incredible views and sights to
see. I'm jealous! :)

I had to laugh at your pictures
of your two cats laying on the
heat registers a few posts back.
Our Phoebe loves to lay on the
register in our bedroom but will
also lay on the one in the kitchen.
Either way she gets a nice, toasty
tummy while the rest of the
household freezes!!

Rupert doesn't seem interested in following her example, which is just as well I guess since it
means no disputes over possession
of the prime locations.

It looks like you're making
your Princess of Pink a bunch of
little ballet tutu's ... for
her dolls maybe??

I hope whatever laid you up in
bed for a week has gone and you
are feeling much better Judy.
At least you were well looked
after by your entourage during
your convalescence. Lol!!

Take care!!

Linda said...

Your snow looks beautiful...too bad it didn't last a bit longer. We have been quite warm down here. I'm glad you're feeling better and I'm curious about the pink and toile.

Kathy said...

55°, please send it my way.....

Mochas not sure how close to get and be safe. :) So nice Mocha and Ginger keepin an eye of you while you were down. Glad you are feeling better.