Saturday, March 21, 2009

Signs of Spring?

We've been seeing some interesting birds in our yard lately like this varied thrush. They are very shy and like to hide in the bushes, so Dick was lucky to get this shot.
Varied Thrush
Yesterday the bunnies were lined up, I think, waiting their turn to gnaw on the tulips. Today Dick put up a fence around the hostas which are just beginning to poke their heads out from beneath the dirt.
You're supposed to be decorating eggs, not eating tulips!
And then there was this guy (gal?) Beautiful they are, but oh so destructive! They can do amazing damage to your siding in no time at all. That beak must be two inches long. And yes, it's a member of the woodpecker family, a flicker.
Did you notice my feet?
On another note, Kris sent me these awards the other afternoon. Thanks so much. I enjoy following her blog, so you might want to check it out. I'm supposed to pass this on to 10 bloggers but find this a difficult task. So, if you're reading this consider yourself tagged, and pass it on if you wish.

Thanks again, Kris, you're a sweetie!

My new header is forsythia that I brought in the house and forced to bloom....spring, one way or another!


Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

Spring is coming to you neck o the woods. Haven't seen any flickers, we have them and some bunnys too.

Maybe warmer next week!

Barbara C said...

Yep, they're signs of Spring all right. And they're right on time.

Ele said...

Dear Judy,

seeing and feeling - spring is coming now...

Did you recieve my e-card-mail?

Have a nice sunday

Rian said...

Glad to see spring finally made it to your house and that dastardly snow is gone for good! Growing up in Ohio, I can still remember the forsythia as the very first sign of spring.

Wendy said...

Dear Judy,
How fun!!! Spring!!! I have so much to do before Spring totally gets here but it probably won't get done due to the pregnancy.
Thanks so much for commenting on my baby. I know how you feel about your daughter. We never could tell with my second child until she was born. We even saved the baby shower until after so that we would be sure.
I am frantically trying to finish a quilt for my daughter right now. I hope that I can get it done before May so that I can focus May on her birthday party and getting ready for the baby which is due June 3rd. Hopefully it won't be early.
Big Hugs,

Plays with Needles said...

Congrats to Dick on the Thrush pic -- he's a beauty. We have those flickers too and I get such a kick out of them. xo Susan

Linda said...

What great bird photos - they should be in a book! I especially like the thrush; wish I saw those in my garden....