Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy, not sleepless, in Seattle

Our house has been one busy place ever since last Sunday when David, Sophia, and Jill arrived from Chicago. (Daddy had to stay home because he's in the middle of a big work project.)
Up on the Rooftop
Yesterday we went to Auntie Catherine's condo, and she and Uncle Carl took David up to the roof to see the Space Needle which David has pronounced the "best space needle in the whole world."
Steam train
On Friday we went to Remlinger's Farm to ride the train. Opa and David rode it three times and could have ridden some more but there were lots of other things to see before everyone got tired.
Guess Who!

An old fire truck was very interesting, too!
David and Oma

Needless to say, not too much sewing of any type or knitting is happening here at the moment. (In case you're wondering about the whereabouts of Sophia....she's very fast on her hands and knees and hard to photograph!)


JK said...

Good mornin hon.... Just thought I would stop by and see how you are doing.. Not much stitching or posting going on here, but when I can, I try and visit old friends.

Your garden is gorgeous and I love all the beautiful blooms you have. My Iris's are done, but the roses are now coming up all over the place along with my African Lilies and Morning Glory.

You have a beautiful family and no wonder you are so proud.

Take care of yourself and God Bless.

Lapplisor said...

Hi Judy
... marvelously your pictures!
… it show exactly what I experience at present also here, in Sweden. ours grandchilds also arrived, and we spend correctly much time with them.
Thus I get also hardly a needle pass done… am so beautiful nevertheless it to play with the children.
I wish you a beautiful time!

♥☼♥ Barbara ♥☼♥

Linda said...

Hi Judy - looks like you've been having fun! Lovely photos.
Linda xxx
Thanks for being a regular visitor to my blog - I really appreciate it. x