Sunday, April 27, 2008

More Booties and Hats and a Wee Visitor

My friend Tanya left last weekend for 6 months to a year in China with her husband, who works for Microsoft, and their little son. Since she is expecting a baby girl this summer, I wanted to give her a little something before she left. Our plans to connect that last week didn't work out, so I popped them into the mail. Hopefully they arrived in time!
For Baby Girl Su
When we got back from Cannon Beach, in amongst our mail was a birth announcement from Jill's friend, Darla, so back to work on another set, this time for a little boy. And then there's David's sweater, which is almost done except for weaving in the ends and sewing the side seams. I have got to learn a better way to weave in ends or else refrain from make anything with multiple stripes!
Guess who came a-calling!
Look what appeared on our patio step again the other day, this time in broad daylight! For a few minutes Ginger and our visitor were nose to nose on their respective sides of the glass. When the raccoon left, Ginger tore off to the den, which is on that side of the house, but was too lazy to jump on the window ledge for another view.


Kathy said...

Booties and hat are so cute. Hope the raccoon isn't sick. Do you see it often that close to your home?

Judy S. said...

Yes, we do, usually at night, but the bolder ones come during the day occasionally....and often more than one. In fact, one year we had 7 of them in our driveway...a herd?

Wendy said...

Awww so cute!!!

Jane said...

You are sooo talented when it comes to making things from yarn.. Although I can appreciate it, I know nothng about it and to look at a knitting pattern makes my head woozy. I think I know what you mean tho' when you talk about stopping and starting... I see the pattern change, is that where you need to make the adjustments, going from one to the other?? Your racoon looks very comfortable on your porch, it's getting that time of year for it to be bringing its family along!!! LOL

Ele said...

What's that Judy - a new visitor of your lovely blog? :o)
You were very buzy, booties and hat are very cute.
Have a good time