Sunday, April 13, 2008

Block Party Quilters' Show

This is the weekend of the Block Party Quilter's Show, so Dick and I went on Friday because we figured it would be less crowded. Yesterday, however, the weather was gorgeous for the first time in ages, and I'm wondering whether that impacted attendance. Of course, there were lots of beautiful quilts, way too many to photograph, but I did find several CQ items which I'll post here. The rest of the photos that Dick took for me are on my Flickr site, including a quilt that our FMS group made for the Ronald MacDonald house, which is BPQ's charity project.
Beyond the Secret Garden by Lynn Majidimehr
I took a free motion quilting class from Lynn Majidimehr ; she is extremely talented and has her own design business. As you can see, she's very creative! I just found out today (5/2) that she won a third place ribbon for this one and 2 firsts for two others that you can see on her blog!

I also found two other crazy quilts: The flowers are machine embroidered.
Crazy Quilt by Barbara Reed

And the blocks on this one were created by the ladies in Diane Axworthy's small group. She assembled the quilt. The Ladies by Diane Axworthy
Be sure to check out the rest of the quilts on Flickr and remember to double click on the photos to see the details.


Cat said...

Thanks for sharing these beauties!

Ich bin ein Fünfzigerjahremädel. said...

Judy,I like to see such works with embellished crazypatch and I hope to learn it sometime!!! The open door (secret garden)is wonderful!!!
Yes,my matryoschas have 3-5 little ones in their stomach!
Now I wish you a nice week,Ulla

Gerry said...

The first piece is just wonderful. I love the angel through the open door. How fun and creative.

The other 2 quilts are very pretty. So much work! What treasures they are.

BTW, would you repost your flickr link? When I click on it, it takes me back to the post.


Possibilities, Etc. said...

The Secret Garden was one of my favorite books as a child! I lost your e-mail address - the yarn I use for the reversibles for the baby afghans is just the Reynolds wool/acryic blend worsted weight- it may be "Utopia" but I can't remember. There are two of them. Beautiful, and they are washable. For scarves, I use a hand spun wool - can't remember then name of that one, right now this minute.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Thanks so much for these pictures, Judy. All of them invite close study...and we couldn't have seen them without you! ;-)

Ele said...

Hi Judy,
I like the wonderful patchwork pictures, unfortuntaly I can't do it. Maybe sometimes...
have a nice time Gabriele

Lapplisor said...

Hi Judy
I regard very gladly the Crazy Patchwork, prefer however for me however rather the classical variant.
Your impressions, which you caught for us by picture are fantastically.
Thanks for the pictures, and greeting from Germany.

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing the photos Judy... love all the details!

Cheryl said...

Aren't these shows fun? The big Chicago Quilt Show runs every April. Hope to see you there next year.
Thanks for all the kind words on my blog!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Judy, it really is a small world. I'm glad you liked my Beyond the Secret garden quilt. I have 12 huge (20") Crazy Quilt blocks that Susan at Gathering Fabric would like to see me finish into a quilt, and someday I will. Loved the pictures from Cannon Beach!