Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yet Another UFO

Amish Sampler
While rummaging through my many bags of projects, I found two cross stitch UFOs that were really demanding to be completed and have been working on one of them. From Charlene , I got the suggestion to set up a rotation where you work on a section of a project and then switch to another project. This seems to work really well for me, too, and helps keep up my interest and focus. I've been switching between this design, one of Diane Graebner's on 18-count fabric, and the Valentine SAL as well as several knitting projects. And, praise be, some of these things are actually getting completed!


Susan said...

Oh, nice sampler! Some of the ladies on HDF blogs have a dozen things they are rotating! I would go crazy. =) Crazier, anyway.

JK said...

Hi Darlin! Thanks for the great comments on my little bear. I love doing this type of work on my CQ. When I say transfer, I do a line drawing of something, and then print it out and take graphite paper and transfer it on to my material, and then I do all the artwork and shading, etc...

Yep, I have those beads that the holes are not drilled all the way through, and then there are those that crack and split on you, so it's a good thing I have thick hair because I would be bald by now.

Your heart looks beautiful hon! And just let it speak to you..and then your in trouble because it won't stop talking.

I have just finished a BDE that has been sitting in my CQ cabinet for two years, and it felt great to get another UFO finished. I like the sampler and can't wait to see it completed. I tried the rotation and it made me nuts, but with me, that's not too difficult. ;)

Ich bin ein Fünfzigerjahremädel. said...

This Sampler is the kind I love,...but I haven't stitched one until now!
But when I'm sitting in the armchair whith my old bones and have enough time,then I will make a sampler!Perhaps a little bit earlier!;-)) Ulla

Lapplisor said...

oh Judy... I is pleased your work on this marvelous Sampler to pursue to be able.
Take care Barbara