Saturday, September 5, 2020

Finally! Our First Adventure Since Covid Hit!

Last week we finally got out of the house, and it wasn't for grocery shopping! We hopped in our car and went to Deception Pass which is a beautiful spot not far from here. It was a beautiful day, and we even did a bit of hiking!

We stopped at a wayside on our way and discovered an amazing tree. This sign explains it's history.

 Once this tree was once 200 feet tall with a trunk that is still 20 feet in diameter! It was chopped down sometime in the 1800's, and all that's left now is this stump. Thankfully someone preserved it!

This is the landmark bridge that you cross en route to the park. It connects Whidbey Island to Fidalgo Island. It is unusual in that it has both saltwater and freshwater shorelines.  It's also fun to explore.

We hiked down to this beach. It's a great hike; it is, however, uphill all the way back!

There are lots of interesting old trees all along the trail.

 We made it down to the beach, and here I am resting up for the trek back uphill. As you can see there are lots of trees that have washed up on the beach. It was great to get back out into the woods!


Tired Teacher 2 said...

Looks like it’s an amazing park and a wonderful place to explore. That tree was HUGE!

Delighted Hands said...

How wonderful to get out and see such beautiful places! Good for you! I love the photo of the bridge!

kathy b said...

Oh i am so happy that you had this lovely get away. Seems the parks are calling all of us to calm ness.

Betsy said...

We really need to try to get over to Deception Pass sometime. We've never been there but your photos make it look irresistable. All except that hike back uphill! Ha!

Debbie said...

How wonderful!!
Cooler temperatures have finally showed up so I hope to get back out and about-socially distanced of course. It looks like you found a great place to spread out. Araignee

karen said...

first week of June we ventured out and I fell on my face. by the time I healed it was full summer hot and humid!! I'm hoping to get out more now that the weather is temperate again. Gorgeous photos and I can feel your freedom!

Susan said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Just getting out in the fresh air probably did you a world of good.

Mereknits said...

Such a beautiful area, so glad yo got to get out and explore. Stay safe.

kathy b said...


how is Jill doing with COVID and the kids? You are so practical , Im sure you are reassuring to her. I hope she can home school. THIngs are kooky here with this becoming a political issue. I miss your reassuring hugs .. LOve you
kathy b