Saturday, April 13, 2019

Finally a Post and Some Finishes Also

Happy April!  I sure don't know what happened to the rest of March, but we've had some busy days so far this month.  Lots of choir singing is coming up this week, that's for sure.

Even though it's spring,  a cowl can come in handy as it's been cool and rainy here.  I gave this one to a friend.  It's another Interrupted Cowl with a different shade of Bamboozle called Inferno.

Two sets of our friends gained another grandchild late in March, and so I whipped up some booties. Thankfully I had some Plymouth Angora on hand in the right colors!

For almost six weeks I've been working on this shawl that I started long ago. It's probably the most complicated thing I've ever made.  First you knit the edging. Then starting in the middle of the edging you begin the rest of it, using short rows to attach the rest of it which is knitted from the bottom up.  Believe me it's easy to get off between the lace and the chart!  And lots of "tinking" happened in the process.  At the moment it's being blocked, but the photo was taken before I did that. Yippee, it's finally done and I'm keeping it!

All the leave you see in these two photos have been raked up on the few sunny days in March and most of these flowers are done already.

These favorites though are out now and will soon be joined by azaleas, rhododendrons, and camellias.  Oh, how I love spring in the Pacific Northwest!

If you celebrate Easter, I hope you have a happy one!  And a Happy Spring to everyone!


Araignee said...

Oh, those booties are just too sweet! And that die for!

Tired Teacher said...

The shawl is gorgeous and definitely a keeper!

DelightedHands said...

Wow to a job well done on the shawl! And it is done on time to wear with your Easter dress! Nice Spring garden bouquet!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Beautiful knits - especially that shawl! Well done!

It amazes me how different our springs are. You're actually further north, (latitude-wise) than me, but our spring takes so much longer!
I won't see my bleeding heart bloom until May!

Dee said...

Even unblocked, your new shawl is STUNNING!

karen said...

My goodness is that shawl beautiful!! well done!!

kathy b said...

Oh Judy ! You have outdone yourself with that shawl I!!! I am so glad you are keeping it! You deserve to. Lace is crazy hard for me. Al loves charts, ugh.
Beautiful gardens!

Jill must have told you that we got 7 inches of snow today. Dumped on! Tomorrow a promise of 50s! Perhaps that' sok. The horses were fULL of MUD last Monday when it was warm. Tomorrow they should be clean I hope!

Happy Holy Week /Easter to you !

Betsy said...

Judy the shawl is fantastic! It is gorgeous! I have never liked charts and muc prefer row by row instructions. The booties and cowl are pretty too. You've been busy. I hope nice spring weather arrives soon. It's been dreary long enough. I'm ready for warmth!

straythreads said...

sigh!! blooming flowers!! and the shawl and the booties so cute
the sweater pattern is Hitofude on ravelry and the yarn is Wisdom Poems
thanks for stopping at my blog

Mereknits said...

I have made that exact cowl in that exact colorway and love it. Actually I have some of that in my stash right now. Wishing you a wonderful Easter. Oops I forgot your shawl is amazing.

Susan said...

That shawl you knitted for you is a beauty! I'm so glad you are keeping it. Good to see that in between other things, you have gotten a little knitting time. =) The flowers are beautiful. Our azaleas mostly bloomed, and then got knocked down by a vicious wind and rain storm. Some are still out, though. The dogwood, the same. I think we are about finished blooming, but I should have roses coming out - the buds are there!

Gracie Saylor said...

Wow, Judy! I admire what you have been making...such sweet booties, pretty cowl and the gorgeous shawl! It was fun to see in your flower photos that you have some variety of Bleeding Heart like you suggested I have. My plant and yours remind me of Bleeding Heart, as well. :-)

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