Monday, February 18, 2019

Lots of Snow Meant Time to Knit!

Last week we were pretty much snowbound because we live on a hill, and our street is low on the list to get plowed.  

It sure was pretty, especially at night!

This little angel was totally buried for awhile, but now her feet aren't covered any more.

There was lots of time to knit and bake.  (The knitting kept me from eating all the baking!) This is another Interrupted Cowl made with Bamboo Bloom yarn. In sorting through my stash I found some more of this yarn and have already started yet another one.

While I don't expect to wear this any time soon, it is finally finished thanks to Judy L's UFO Challenge.  These socks were supposed to be completed in January but they are done now, too.

They don't quite match, but it was an interesting pattern that results in a right and left sock.

This is what our driveway looks like now, so we should be able to return to our normal weekly schedule thankfully.  However, I now have lots of new projects waiting to be finished thanks to a bad case of "startitis" and easy access to my stash.

This sweet plant decided to add some color to our kitchen this past week.  I got the start from my sister, and it's been a consistent bloomer ever since.

.On Saturday we were able to venture out for our first trek through Seattle's brand new tunnel and a visit with the grand kids for the first time since it started snowing.  If you have youngsters to read with, may I recommend  There's a Dinosaur on the 13th Floor  As you can see, they loved it and so did our daughter.  Me, too!  Have a fun week!


Dee said...

Those socks are BEAUTIFUL! They look like they match pretty well to me.

Glad you got some reading time with the kids ---- especially the big one!!!

P.S. You really need to get the book the Wonky Donkey.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Lovely finished projects!
I have a pair of socks in that same wool and they are great - if you can believe it, I've had them since about 2007 and they haven't worn out! It's a fabulous yarn.
I love you little goldfish plant. I had one at the old house, but for some reason it didn't survive the move. I've been looking for one ever since!

Gracie Saylor said...

Judy, you really have had a lot of snow! I so enjoyed this post and getting caught up on many of your past posts and I admire your many interesting and lovely projects. Thanks so much for visiting my last post and for your sympathy and encouragement. xx

Araignee said...

There is nothing like a big snow forgetting things done. Lovely projects! Can't wait to see what you start.

Tired Teacher said...

Fabulous projects and finishes! The socks are beautiful and to my eyes, the are a matched pair.

Vera said...

Love your socks and I was wondering what the plant is - but see Val's comment calling it a Goldfish Plant. I am going to look for one. WOW! you certainly have been hammered with snow this year! I had not heard about the tunnel in Seattle.

Betsy said...

Snow, snow, and even more snow! We’re getting hit again today how about you? Those socks are beautiful and so is the cowl and vest.. You accomplished a lot. How fun to be able to read to your grandchildren. I miss doing that. And I’m with Dee. If you haven’t read the Wonky Donkey yet you have got to get it. It’s hilarious.
Blessings, Betsy

karen said...

your snow looks beautiful to me :) you can send it my way if you are able. Love the socks and the colorway :)

DelightedHands said...

I'll look for it at the library to have a good read with my grandsons-the knitting is looking good, especially the socks! Cool pattern. That's a lot of snow for you!

Mereknits said...

The snow looks so beautiful Judy. I have made three of those cowls, I love the pattern and the texture is creates. May I suggest Interrupting Chicken, Little B bought it at the school book fair and it is so cute and very funny!

Melissa hogan said...

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