Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Playing Catch Up!

Can you even believe it?  Another post already?  Well, it's about time I posted some more of my recent finishes that couldn't be shown before now.

To my surprise this yarn came with the beads strung onto it which made for a very fun knit. It was gifted to my hairdresser's little one.

My sister and I each bought two of these Fairy Scarf kits in Cannon Beach, OR.  They were fun to make, but both of us added extra yarn.  It took a while to attach the little decorations though, and each kit came with the little green book that told the story of fairy scarves.

Here's another fun project that's a spin-off of the Almost Lost Dishcloth pattern.  I used that never ending ball of Christmas yarn to make the starfish.

For the first time in ages I tried making a toy, a mouse, for Max. It, too, was a fun knit and the pattern included several choices for hats.

Because my younger daughter's name is the same as this pattern, I had to make these socks for her.  And needless to say, Catherine loves the color purple as well as the nice yarn that I got quite a while ago from Wandering Cat.

That's it for the Christmas gift finishes, but since we have lots of family birthdays right afterwards, I will share those finishes later.  These last two photos are from a life-size walk-through gingerbread house that we visited with the grandkids.  It was in the foyer of a local hotel but most likely gone by now. Here's a list of the ingredients! Donations from visitors went to the local Children's Hospital.


Hope you're all enjoying these first few days of the New Year!


Betsy said...

I loved seeing all of your finishes. I’ve gone into Ravelry and saved the dishcloth pattern. You definitely got a lot done for gifts.

Dee said...

That Catherine pattern is beautiful. I made a pair of those for my best friend in Orlando when she turned 50. She was really down. I figured pretty socks would cheer her up.

She turned 60 this year. Somehow THAT didn't bother her. LOL

The hat with the beads is really cute. Love how the beads give the hat some pop!

Happy New Year to you and Dick.

Araignee said...

That's a lot if interesting finishes!

Tired Teacher said...

What a delight to see a lifesize gingerbread house! The amount of ingredients used is interesting and amazing. I've never heard of fairy scarves.

kathy b said...

OH I loved your mouse! So cute. The pre beaded yarn for the hat! yippee. Family time at a gingerbread walk.......mmmmmmmmm
Love your starfish cloth Judy!

elns said...

Looks like fun times! That hat is super cute! It reminds me of a cupcake or candy or a cookie!

karen said...

I love that wee little mouse!! I'd say you've been super busy with family and knitting :)

Rian said...

My favorite is the little starfish. A lot of great finishes there!

Mereknits said...

Wonderful projects Judy, well done.

Caffeine Girl said...

That life-sized gingerbread house looks like so much fun!
Love all your finishes. You gave some pretty amazing gifts this year!