Friday, October 9, 2015

On the Needles and More

One of the projects on my needles is going to take a while to finish.  It's the Scoreboard Scarf where each row represents one point scored by one's favorite team and its weekly opponent.  Can you guess my team?  At the moment I am very behind......and hoping to catch up before the next game. Wish me luck!

Instead of spending all day knitting, on Wednesday my friend Becca and I went out to Carnation to visit the Tolt Yarn and Wool shop. What a lovely place!  Look at this photo Becca took! Isn't that a pretty and tempting display?  (Just what we all need for our fiber diets right?)

After a nice lunch, we headed over to the nearby  Remlinger Farm and found it all decorated for Fall!

Doesn't Becca take great pictures?

Back on the home front, a couple of my indoor plants are going crazy!  The goldfish plant is blooming like never before. It has lots of little "fish"!

The flowers do resemble tiny goldfish, don't they?

Then, just before we left for Chicago, my orchid surprised me with this thing.  It's a baby plant, a keiki, Dee told me.  Some day it'll be in its own pot which means I'll probably have two orchids that don't bloom....... LOL

Have a great weekend everyone, and don't forget to check out Patchwork Times to see what others are knitting!


Marilyn K said...

I've never heard of a goldfish plant...pretty neat plant!

Tired Teacher said...

I love your Scoreboard Scarf. If I were a sports fan, I'd be knitting one, too.

If your orchid is producing shoots, I think it will eventually bloom; just be patient.

Ramona said...

I had not heard of a Scoreboard scarf or the goldfish plant. The scarf my daughter would love... same team and colors. The goldfish plant looks like it would be a fun one to have!

kathy b said...

Oh that is a very fun scarf idea Judy!
Goldfish plants are so cool.
Im into AiR plants and bamboo.
Your friend takes great photos

Sharon Massena said...

I love both the -new to me - goldfish plant and your score scarf. Thanks for sharing them.

Araignee said...

What a brilliant idea for a scarf. I'll have to try and remember that for next year. The Mister would get a real kick out of that-except his favorite team is the Miami Dolphins. Orange and turquoise-oh no. This should be interesting.

Mereknits said...

Great job on your scoreboard scarf. The yarn store looks like so much fun, I love that display.
Hugs to you,

Jeanne said...

Great fall photos! Love your plants, too. We have a new yarn shop inside of our quilt shop. There's also a bead shop and several kiosks with goods from local crafters and a massage room. It's getting more difficult to leave that place all the time. :-)

karen said...

I'm jealous that you were in that yarn store (sob). love the scarf, I've heard of it on a podcast!!

Caffeine Girl said...

What a lovely day. That yarn display is beautiful, but I'd almost hate to ruin it by buying one of the skeins!

Nancy Kay said...

Cute scoreboard scarf! That would be a fun project.

The goldfish plant is very unique!

What a great yarn store...We don't have a local one, and that yarn display makes me want to do a little shopping!

Dar said...

What a great idea for a scoreboard scarf. It makes the knitting interesting and motivating. Great pics too. Yes, my yarn diet is over the limit now. I need to take time to knit.

Teresa in Music City said...

Such a fun knit idea - I think I may have to join along in an abbreviated version. Gotta grab some aqua, black and maybe gray yarns quick!

At least your orchid is sending out new shoots ... if it were mine, it would be dead already LOL!!!

elns said...

Yes! I love the farmhouse photo. I love the scoreboard scarf!

Linda Vincent said...

Hello Judy! How lovely of you to remember me (and my blog).
Glad to see you're still knitting and taking're so good at both!