Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sorting though the Stash ?!

Last week I spent some time sorting though my various stashes and found a couple of projects screaming to be finished.  Who could resist? So out they came; we'll see how long it takes! (I'm not telling when these were started either!)

Speaking of stitching projects, isn't this cute?  Dee made it for me; it's a Seahawk snowman and sure made me feel better after that last game.  She sure is a good cross stitcher!

I'm working on a secret project at the moment.  Can't tell any more than that.

Guess what finally decided to open?  The orchid.  I had a 50% success rate: of 2 buds, one opened and the other shriveled up and fell off! Why? I have no idea.  I just have to be happy with the one, right?

And no post is complete with out a grand kid photo or two.

Now off to get dinner started and who knows what else?  Have a good day!


Tired Teacher said...

Dee is an amazing stitcher. I have a similar snowman that she made.

Seeing your projects makes me ponder starting a quick cross stitch project. My last one took over 10 years to complete.

Araignee said...

I look at my unfinished cross stitch stash as insurance against boredom in case I am snowed in for a month or more. God forbid.

kathy b said...

Your grands are adorable! seriously!
I don't think I ever completed a cross stitch project.

Dee said...

Your orchid is gorgeous and so special considering how long you have waited for that bloom.

Good luck with those WIPS .....Love the one with the alphabet.

karen said...

Oh you have to finish one of them! I started an embroidery project that stares me down when I see it, but I'd rather be knitting.

Mereknits said...

Great idea getting things finished up. The orchid is stunning.

Janet said...

Your orchid is gorgeous - such a brilliant color. The alphabet sampler looks like fun. I have no idea how many cross stitch WIPs I have hiding in boxes. I'm afraid to go look. :-)

Nancy Kay said...

It should be kind of fun to finish up those pretty WIPs.

I agree with the other gals, that your orchid is gorgeous. And the grandkids, cute as can be!

Cat said...

Beautiful orchid!! Looking back thru your posts and there are so many great pics from birds to knitting to scenery to grandkids! Life is good.

Merry said...

Stunning orchid. Good luck with finishing off those projects as they do look like fun.