Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Celebrating SPRING!?!

April 14, Mundelein, Illinois

April 16, Cambridge, Minnesota

April 16, Bellevue, Washington

Our rain looks very, very good today!

Guess who's officially 8 months old?  Happy Spring, however it looks!


Wendy said...

Happy Spring to you Judy! Such a sweet cutie pie!

Mereknits said...

My college roommate lives in Mundelein my niece in Chicago, and both have complained about the snow. Sweet little one in that gorgeous hat.

Nancy said...

What a great post! A quick snow storm passed through Wyoming over the weekend, too. I'd prefer rain next time.

Love the hat and the precious baby wearing it.

Lynn said...

Aww, that's 8 months of a lot of adorableness! Yuck all that snow, it looks like spring here too, but the past couple of days it hasn't felt like it! Brr.

straythreads said...

seeing all that snow I should stop whining. Beautiful baby!!!

karen said...

happy 8 months :) Lovely photos!! I think I'm done with snow and I'm a snow lover....

kathy b said...

Did you knit that simple yet adorable hat??? I love a hat that shows off the Baby!

Susan said...

Nice to turn that one photo into your blog banner. =) Yes, we had sunshine today! Yay!

Janet said...

Love your photos, Judy. Especially the spring blooms. That sweet little smile steals the spotlight. :-)

Nancy Kay said...

I'd rather have your spring than the one in the midwest!! We've had spring snow too, but not like that! The baby picture is ADORABLE!!!

Merry said...

Certainly looks cold for Spring. :-) Love the flowers of the daffodils and tulips together.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

How adorable is 8 months? Great squeezes and kisses! Most of our early spring blooms are gone, and today we have a cloudy day with chilly rain falling. Wishing you a joyful Easter!

Cranberry Morning said...

Okay, okay, don't rub it in about the snow! And the 8 month old is darling!! BTW, we got home from church last night (Good Friday) just as was starting the streamed service. It was wonderful. Enjoyed every single minute. I missed the tail end because it was past my bedtime, but what a wonderful church and music program you have. I am trying not to covet. :-)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

Ah snow. I guess the same storm that dumped
snow in Illinois and Minnesota also visited us
and gave us what I devoutly hope will be our
final snow fall of this season on April 15th.
Several inches of heavy, wet snow that lingered
for a few days until temperatures rose high
enough for it to melt away. Good riddance!!!

I suspect it'll be another month before we're
anywhere near where you are in the garden.
Our crocuses are cautiously poking their heads
up out of the ground and the daffodils are
budding too but all else is still grey and dull.

Your Sunbonnet Sue quilt looks fab hanging
on the wall. What a cute project ... pretty in

And speaking of adorable ... really? 8 months?

Love her hat!!!


Teresa in Music City said...

How did I possibly miss this post? That baby is the most adorable little girl EVER!!!! Such a sweet smile and those cherubic cheeks - of course, she's feeling great because she knows she looks so fabulous in her knitted hat :*)


What a very sweet adorable baby wearing that beautiful hat. Love yor Spring blooms. All we got with that bad storm was heaps of hail and rain. Thank goodness the snow messed us. Happy Spring. Hugs Judy

Dee said...

Your flowers are beautiful.

The snow is pretty too, but I guess the people dealing with it are pretty tired of it by now.

Becca said...

Oh my! Look at that snow! Wow! I think I prefer our "springs" here better huh? Such a lovely photo of Stella! Did you make that hat?