Friday, September 13, 2013

A Couple of WIPs and a Couple of Finishes.

I am still slogging away on Sothia and down to the last few rows.  It takes for ever to get across those 793 stitches, and I think my yarn is running out.  I do have a plan: either switch to a darker blue-green or go back to the beige.  What would you do?

Another recently uncovered WIP, the Brandywine shawl has jumped into the lineup.  Figuring out where I'd left off was a challenge, but the life lines sure helped! The yarn has a bit of sparkle.

This was a really long-term project!  I started it in 1971 for our second daughter and just finished it now for her daughter.  Life got in the way of my earlier plan, I guess, but it's been framed and delivered.  (For those of you old enough to remember such things, it was a kit designed for Paragon Needlecraft by Julie Nixon Eisenhower.)

This is probably one of my favorite bootie pattern, knit with a smaller needle.

Max just loves his truck.  Can you tell he's serious?

Guess who's one month old today?  Looks like she's having a happy dream, doesn't it?

We're off to see her now!  See ya!  Take a minute to visit Patchwork Times to see what others are knitting.


Nancy said...

I vote for a small strip of beige and then the darker blue.

Love all the projects (yes, I remember the Paragon patterns)

Care to share a link to the bootie pattern?

Have a safe trip and give lots of cuddles to the Grands!

kathy b said...

She's just so lovely and proportioned perfectly. That sweet nose and those lips!!
I would add a darker blue /green to the first shawl.

Love the booties too.

Looking forward to more gran pics

Janet said...

Great projects, Judy. I'd probably go back to the beige on your Sothia. It's going to be so pretty. Enjoy your visit and have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I remember Paragon, but didn't know about Julie Nixon Eisenhower doing designs for them. It's very cute!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, enjoy your visit, Judy!!! They are just so stinkin' precious!

I'd go with the beige. Those last few rows on the Sothia ARE long!! But, it's worth it! blessings ~ tanna

Barbara C said...

It's very disciplined of you to pick up a WIP rather than cast on something new like me. I think either beige or darker blue would be lovely on your shawl. The baby is precious. Enjoy grandma time.

Nancy Kay said...

I agree with Nancy...knitting a small strip of beige, followed by the darker blue...

Love the pictures. And how precious is that new baby!! What a beauty.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I'm thinking beige for Sophia. Love the booties, too! Beautiful babies!!

karen said...

I think either idea would be good if you run out of yarn, I hope you don't but I'm glad you have a back up plan. One month old....goes fast! Love the photos of the kids :)

Merry said...

You are amazing doing a project with so many stitches. I hope it all turns out for you...sure it will. So many other terrific creations too. Those grandkids are growing beautifully.