Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fun at "Our" California House

We had lots of fun at our house during  the rest of the week. David and Daniel were intrigued by the lizards in the backyard of "our" house. Can you see it? The weather was perfect, sunny and warm.

Other wildlife kept us entertained.  The Backyard Bunny made daily appearances.

This crazy fellow had a huge repertoire and sang nonstop all day long ~~~all night, too! (Our bird book says that mocking birds do that in the spring.  Didn't he know it was summer?)

Dick accidentally caught this guy contemplating his dinner choice.

The yard was nice and roomy, just right for a game of Frisbee.

It was fun to play inside, too.

Even the stairs provided some fun.

We entertained our Colorado friends, the Liggetts, who were in California babysitting for their grand kids. They brought them down from Hermosa Beach to spend the day. We saw them again on the way to the LA airport to return something that had been forgotte.

When things got too wild and crazy, the kids went off to the beach or park and Oma and Opa went exploring. One of our favorite sandwich places had just reopened after a remodel but the torpedo sandwiches were as good as we remembered.

We found only one of the very first placed we rented.  The little duplex was the same except for the front yard which had been converted into a parking place. (We parked in the back alley.)

We also drove by our first house, the one we watched being built, and the one where we brought home all three of our babies.

A few blocks away was daughter Jill's first school, the one she attended until third grade when we moved to Washington state.

At the very of the week we moved into a motel in San Diego so we could more easily explore some of the sights there. More on that later, it's almost time for the fireworks.  Hope you had a wonderful Fourth!  (We enjoyed a backyard picnic with our younger daughter's family and our son.)  Back soon with the last of our photos~~~~


Nancy said...

It's always fun to revisit areas to see the changes. Glad you had the opportunity to do that.

kathy b said...

Very fun to see the whole visit and joys that came along with it. Fun that you revisited your other homes.....I get teary eyed when we do that. .
I wish I didnt get that way...IM that way with old photos too

Linda said...

I bet it really changed from when you were there...what area of San Diego did you live in? Looks like everyone had fun!

Gerry said...

Hi Judy,
Your family really knows how to have fun. Some of us are envious!

I've gone 'back' a few time over the decades (lol) but I always seem to feel sad about the changes, and what was left behind.

Thanks for the endorsement on Bloglovin. I'm still a bit confused about this reader thing. I read my blogs on my dashboard at Blogger. And even though I expected it to be discontinued, it's still there.