Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Smoothies or ?

Dee was right when she guessed bike blender. Just what a person needs to wear off the calories before indulging in a frosty drink, right?

Well, here it is as promised, the bicycle blender in action.

Are they discussing the proper recipe? Notice the "girly" bike.

It only takes a few minutes to whip up a most delectable drink with negative calories no less! Crazy, huh?

In case you're not that thirsty, take a minute and try this Color Test that I found on Nancy's blog. It doesn't take too long and is interesting. I got a 4 which surprised me, knowing that I carry the color-blindness gene. And you?


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, my goodness. I scored 165... I can apparently barely tell red lights!! LOL! blessings ~ tanna
think I need something from that blender now. hee hee.

Nancy said...

Oh yeah, start pouring the smoothies!

Cranberry Morning said...

Funny about the blender!! I'm assuming that only healthful, sugar-free smoothies are made with it. lol

I took the miserable test. ;-) I think I would have done okay if the color blocks would stop moving! I did learn one thing from the test, though, and that's that I'm not a patient person. :-)

Becca said...

I'm going to have to get one of those for my bicycle! You got a 4? Wow! I got an 11 and I thought I was doing good! LOL That was fun.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I have color blindness or not. I'm too ADD to sit that long and take the test. LOL

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

Well, this is certainly putting a bike to good use!!
Kind of hard to fit it into the kitchen cupboard
once you're finished with it though. I think that
I prefer the old fashioned electric version. I don't
want to have to work that hard for a smoothie.

Loved the pictures of your time in Minnesota.
That deck overlooking the lake is so cool. I
could see myself stitching on that deck for
hours on end.

Your state bird is a Goldfinch?? We have lots
of them visiting our feeders all the time.
They're such lovely little birds.

Chippy visits our feeders too. He's a wily
one, no mistake.

Some miserable rodent is eating some of
the plants in my deck rail planters ...
including my favourite Lantana which has
been "chopped" down at dirt level. When
I get my hands on the little varmint I'm
gonna give him what-for ... I don't care
how cute he might be!!!

We have the same Clematis in our garden
too. It's quite an age now (at least 12
years old) and it puts out a ton of flowers
in the spring.

Sunbonnet Sue is looking lovely. I really
like the stitching on her bonnet. Very
neat, very pretty.


Susan Elliott said...

Love the blender!

I scored an 8 on test. A 4 is pretty incredible!!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Judy, that is so funny! I thought I had seen it all but this is the first bicycle blender I've seen ever! Thanks for sharing.