Friday, June 22, 2012

June's Sunbonnet Sue (TAST)

At the moment, Sue is languishing in the bottom of my embroidery sack, but here's what I've done on her so far this month. It was fun making a bullion rabbit; I wonder whether this one likes to eat flowers as much as its cousins that live in our yard do?


The buttonhole wheel was the June 11th stitch. Mine are half-wheels which seem to create a lacy effect on Sue's hatband. Catch-up will be the name of the game very soon!  And yes, her dress is supposed to be pink, too ~ more frogging!

The next time you see this tablecloth, I hope it looks very different! Till then, Happy Summer!


Cranberry Morning said...

That is lovely! I think I only ever learned about three stitches in embroidery. Love the bunny. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little bunny!

Merry said...

I love seeing all your different stitches.

Becca said...

Hi Judy, hope you had a nice vacation! Love your seeing your Sun Bonnet Sues! Oh, what is "frogging?" Having dinner at the top of the Space Needle tonight...6 yr anniversary. :-)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

Your little Sunbonnet Sue is so cute!! That
little bunny is just adorable and reminds me
of the sweet, tiny bunny that we had in our
garden this morning. My DH wouldn't let
me keep it. (pouting here)

So what's happening with the tablecloth
marked "Taylor" I wonder???

The poncho that you knit up for Sophia
is beautiful!! Love that stunning colour
and the lacy trim around the edges.
This should keep her cozy and warm.

How are things in Minnesota??? Right
on the water??? I'm so jealous!!!

Have a great week!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Loving Sophia's poncho!! And, your needlework is beautiful... Let's keep on keeping on with the UFOs of all varieties!! ;) xoxo ~ tanna

kathy b said...

That bunny is just the cat's meow. We saw a baby bunny on the golf course tiny, so cute. All legs and ears

kathy b said...

I just looked up the bullion stitch...fascinating

kathy b said...


Yes the shawl you found is the ONE ROW I'm knitting. Very easy!!!