Friday, October 28, 2011

A Fun and Different Project ~ a Necklace!

One of the projects that I finished this month was from a kit that I purchased through Earth Faire, a great source for patterns, yarn, and beads like these. (They are called mushroom buttons, and I had no idea they'd fit together like this.) This pattern by Sivia Harding is also on Ravelry.

This little tool which was also new, thanks to Earth Faire, was crucial to attaching the beads...much easier than stringing them. Basically, the whole thing is an I-cord with beads attached and a fairly quick finish. It was fun!

Three little someones also had a fun project recently. They harvested their sunflowers. David took one flower to school, maybe to feed the resident hamster? (Rex visited their house last weekend!)

Do you think she's going to take up modelling?

That must have been one huge sunflower. Ours never got that big!


Charlene ♥ SC said...

Ah - another new craft? :-) That is really cute! A tiny crochet hook is what I use to add beads to tatting, and this looks similar. The 'pendent' is very interesting, too. Need to go research... I do believe there MAY be a model among the darlings, too.

Gerry said...

Hi Judy! Thanks for visiting. Luckily, the snow's gone now. Just in time for trick-or-treaters. LOL.

Love the necklace. You're so crafty :-)

Love the sunflower, too. WOW - that thing is huge!

Take care, my friend.

Wendy said...

what a great necklace! Your grans look like they are having so much fun.

Cranberry Morning said...

Those sunflowers look awesome! (and cute kid photos too.) I remember driving through North Dakota and seeing huge fields of sunflowers, their heads all turned in the same direction, following the sun all day long.

Cute necklace!

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
Finally I come to visit you again - there was so much going on ..
It's nice to see your children and grandchildren again - how big your grandchildren are grown.
Congratulations to the fine crochet hook.
I also use them like embroidering, if I must sew a tiny thread.
Great that you also stick on SewAlong.
Take care

hakucho said...

That does look like a fun and interesting project! Like how the beads worked into the i-chord :)