Monday, July 5, 2010

Back from the Wilderness

We came home late yesterday, all the way from Clearwater, B. C., too tired to stay up for the fireworks. Actually explosions and booms were going on all around us in the neighborhood which was terrifying the kitties. Our trip to Canada was great! The weather cooperated, at least on Saturday, so we could actually do a little bit of "hiking" in the Wells Grey Provencial Park where there are an abundance of beautiful waterfalls. While the nearby mountains are somewhat flattened due to being formed by volcanic eruptions under glaciers, the forested area is sliced by deep canyons and dotted with impressive waterfalls that were filled with rushing water. The sound of roaring water filled the air.

MOV00794, originally uploaded by jatshaw1941.

In addition to lots of water, we saw all sorts of wildflowers, and I will post more of their photos soon. Dick had a tough time catching this foraging butterfly but managed quite nicely, don't you think? We spent the first night of our trip in Vancouver, B.C., with the intention of visiting Granville Island on Thursday to see Kirsten Chursinoff's work at the Craft House Gallery. What we didn't expect was the volume of traffic onto the island, complicated with a Canada Day parade. So, we decided to visit the gallery on the way back home and did so yesterday. By then most of her pieces had been sold, although luckily they were still on display. We had fun admiring her work as well as that of other artists. Thanks to the folks at the gallery, we also found a yarn shop, and I came home with a skein of cotton and silk in my favorite color: red! For our return trip, we decided to cross the border at Blaine rather than Lynden, and that cost us over an hour. However, we did get to see the wonderful Peace Arch as well as a beautiful floral flag, a grand conclusion for a fun-filled getaway. I hope you enjoyed this holiday as well!


Jules said...

Very beautiful pictures! That floral flag is awesome.

Kathy A. said...

Gorgeous holiday photos. Love Canada!
That floral flag is amazing.

Rian said...

Welcome home! Such glorious scenery. Sounds like a good trip.

punkin said...

A beautiful trip. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for coming by the blog. Yes, there are always socks on the needles.

JessicaSews said...

Wonderful Summer Pictures!

BeadBag said...

Hi Judy - We visited Vancouver on our first Canadian trip a couple of years ago, and loved it. We then took the train across country to Toronto which was wonderful. The Lakes are just beautiful.