Saturday, May 8, 2010

Snapshots from our Wedding (Image Heavy)

Have you read the children's book Snapshots from the Wedding by Gary Soto? It makes me smile. Well, thanks to our wonderful SIL Michael we have some photos of our own to share. It seems that my usual photographer was busy! The festivities began on Thursday night with a family gathering at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Seattle. Missing were the Shaw and Bispala cousins who didn't arrive until Friday and Saturday morning. We all held our breath for Leanne who had worked in Argentina the previous week!
The rehearsal went off without a hitch, and was followed by a wonderful meal at the Top of the Market which is located at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Amazingly, the weather cleared in the late afternoon, and the wedding ceremony was wonderful. Brent's mom Mary Ann, and I were the last dressed as we were helping everyone else. Perhaps you can see our choir robes? Our robing rooms double as wedding dressing rooms for the bridal party.

Catherine wore the mantilla that I wore almost 45 years ago; my friend brought it back from Brussels for me that summer. However, Catherine figured out a fabulous way to wear it, with a beautiful orchid underneath.

David and Sophia made it down the aisle with a little help from Brent's nieces. Sophia's flower ball must have weighed several pounds and is drying in our laundry room. The florist didn't realize she was so little.

And so did Dick and Catherine. (The couple in view introduced Dick and me in Denver in 1964!)

Carl had fun with Daniel while waiting to be a groomsman.

Jill was a beautiful matron of honor and gave a very touching blessing for the bride and groom.
After the ceremony, everyone reconvened at the Shilshoe Bay Beach Club to celebrate the occasion. Dick's brother's family enjoyed a reunion of all their children and grandchildren.

The next morning we hosted a brunch for our relatives, Brent's family, and some of our close friends. It was a fun way to end a fabulous weekend. We are so happy our daughter has found such a wonderful man to be her life companion!


Dee said...

Wonderful pictures -- love the last one of you and your hubby.

Rian said...

Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing. You look great! The flower ball is almost as big as Sophia.

Kathy A. said...

Oh, loved all the photos. Looks like a very happy wedding. And don't you look happy and relaxed - nice pic.

Kathy said...

Great picture of father and the bride, and also you and DH look very happy together. Love the color of your dress too.

Marguerite said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures. So happy that all went well and you have such lovely memories.

Prairie Thistle said...

Wonderful pictures. Everyone looks so happy.

Barbara C said...

Thanks for the great pictures. How wonderful that your daughter wore your wedding veil.

Sharon said...

Wonderful photo's and memories. That flower ball was huge. Bride is beautiful and mother of the bride is too. Love the color of your dress.

Linda said...

Oh I love wedding photos...and the one of you and your DH is just perfect.
What a great day you must have had.....

Lapplisor said...

Hi Judy
These pictures of the wedding celebration look so beautiful.
I congratulate you to this beautiful celebration,
and wish to the nice pair of weddings a happy, common life!
Best greetings

Lanette said...

Catherine looked beautiful! Please wish her Congrats from us :)