Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Few Knitting Finishes! No Foolin'!

While wedding photos appear to have taken over this blog, a few knitting projects have actually been completed, and two sweaters are awaiting some finishing touches...the buttonbands and seaming. And I've added a few stitches to the Christmas SAL.....

The Lovebird Socks are finally a pair. One problem in waiting so long to finish (second sock syndrome) is that of tension. Even though the second sock has the same number of stitches and mock cables, it's bit larger. Hard to believe with all that's going on here that my knitting is more relaxed!

Preemie hats are a good way to use up leftover bits of yarn. I'll keep this one a while as a sample and then donate it to the NICU at the UW where I volunteer, teaching knitting to antepartum (pre-delivery) moms who are often hospitalized for a long time.

These crazy socks are supposed to entertain babies who aren't yet walking. If Daniel can get them on his chubby feet, we'll see about that.

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! We almost always fall for the traditional NPR trick. I wonder what it is this year?


Anonymous said...

Cute finishes!!!

Happy April Fool's Day ----

Lapplisor said...

Again you have such beautiful things knitted ..
what a nice idea for these socks ...:-)
I wish you and your family a beautiful Easter
Take care

Ranae said...

Beautiful knitting

Sharon said...

Good grief you have been sooooo busy. Drove into Issaquah this morning through snow at I-90 & 18. Didn't stick but oh the driving rain and snow was awful. We need to go shopping......? Call me!

Barbara C said...

Nice projects. Maybe the looser gauge sock is for the bigger foot that lots of people have. You can say that you meant for it to turn out that way. (I would).

Cute baby socks as well. Those faces must be very entertaining for them.

Kathy said...

Cute baby socks and always cute big socks. :) How do you know if you have enough yarn for a little cap? As you can tell I don't crochet or knit. It's on my learn to do list.

BeadBag said...

Hi Judy - I fell for an April Fool -

.... dopey me!

Love your new cross stitch and the knitty stuff.
Shirl xxxxxxx

Sue said...

I love the socks and what an adorable baby hat!