Monday, January 19, 2009

Noah's Bugs and a Thank You

This block features some of the smaller critters that joined Noah on his ark. Me, I'm wondering how come he included mosquitoes! Those of you who've been to the Midswest in the summer will probably agree. This is block number 11 out of 12; it's been a fun project and I'm looking forward to making a quilt with them. Now that the dates on this block, I guess there's a deadline, too!
The Buggy Block

Saturday's mail brought a surprise package from Augsburg, Germany, and Ele who lives there. If you've not seen her blog, go take a look here. You will love her flower fairy headers, and even if you don't understand German, you can enjoy the lovely way she's arranged the photos for her blog. When I admired a piece of stitching she'd done, she offered to send me some of the fabric. It was sold out, I think, so she sent some other things, all designed to get my creative juices flowing: thread, several patterns, some evenweave fabric and some buttons that will be perfect for CQ projects. Thank you so much, Ele. Some day I hope we will meet face to face!
Danke Schoen, Ele!


Pat said...

I just went and looked at all the little Noah stitch blocks - ADORABLE!! I look forward to seeing them all together!

Kathy said...

Now I am anxious to see your finished quilt. The Noah's Ark blocks were just adorable. What a lovely surprise you received in the mail. I will have to hop over and check out her blog.

Paula Hewitt said...

i always wondered about mozzies too - what is their purpose in life, and why do they have to be so annoying with it?
lovely stitched bugs.

Lapplisor said...

You knitted beautiful things lately.
Your grandchildren will be pleased to it, and by the winter will go warmly.
Gabriele sent a beautiful treasure to you.
Enjoy much.

Pat Winter said...

You surprised me, your German friend surprised you! Thank you for the beautiful fabrics, threads, and goodies. I just love the pink bird. I am on a bird kick lately, and hope to stay on it. I will make a pendant with her so I can keep memories of a sweet friend near. Something is about to fly your way...heads up!

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Judy! Wait!! You're not supposed to get TWO whole blocks ahead of me!! Oh dear!! Actually did a little on my Lion block the other night, but have had a 'blah' week with no energy, so not much stitching done. Hoping next week will bring a burst of new energy to finish my secret squirrel project and at least the Lion blog of Noah and friends before the next one is out! Hope you're keeping warm! Bear Hugs! KRIS