Saturday, November 29, 2008

Keeping the Peace

What has life been like with two cats, you ask? Well, at first Ginger refused to even walk down the hall next to the room where Mocha was housed. (All the books said to "take it slow.") When I carried her down the hall, she would hiss at the door. She was curious though and soon we were able to let Mocha out for a short while. As soon as one of them started to hiss, Mocha went back to her room.
It's been almost a month now since we brought Mocha inside. She has filled out nicely and no longer eats like a little vacuum cleaner. Ginger and she are slowly becoming friends. A couple of days ago I was reminded of the time long ago, way before carseats were required for kids, when I was the "human barrier" in the back seat of the car, . Someone sat up front with Dick, and I sat in the back in the middle, keeping the peace. And here I was back in my role, only this time with furry "children" on the futon.
The Human Wall
Now, however, they've been inching closer with only an occasional hissing match. It will be interesting to see what happens next!


Rian said...

I have a friend who has two cats that hate each other. One lives upstairs ("Upstairs cat") and the other one... you guessed it, "Downstairs cat." So when she moved and we were looking at potential houses, she said, "I need a house with two levels for my cats." I kid you not. She's a little off, but we put up with her...

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
It looks so sweet, as you spoil your cats.
it is beautiful to have animals around itself….
I wish you also a beautiful first Advent, with much cosiness. ♥☼♥Barbara♥☼♥

Lelia said...

Oh, they are soooo sweet!!! Yeah, cats are soothing, no doubt. Our two are happily spoiled!!!

So, what are you reading now?? Inquiring minds ...

Barbara C said...

You've done great adjusting your two cats to each other. Mine are seldom happy with each other, even with a "human shield" in between them. I regularly share my bed with two who pick separate sides of me and the bed, but if one happens to breech the comfort zone of the other, the growling starts. I tell people it sounds like I sleep in The Valley of the Tigers.

They do keep you entertained though.

Cat said...

Oh cats! I'm not a cat person, but have 2. Don't ask. They don't get along, one lives in the garage and the other in the house and outside. The inside cat is a pure black one and she has been very timid with Annie (my JRT). It's been one year now and she is finally getting a bit braver and will come in the same room... but when she RUNS... Annie chases.

From the looks of that futon... yours will learn to love each other... or at least put up nicely.

:) Cat