Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Yellowstone Adventure

Last month, we took a short trip to Yellowstone and had a wonderful time visiting this unique area. All the while we were there, I kept thinking what it must have been like for the explorers who discovered this place. The scenery and weather were wonderful, and we especially enjoyed the wildlife. I just had to share a few of Dick's photos. Here is the lower falls of the Yellowstone River. In some spots the river is very placid and in others it rages downstream.
Lower Yellowstone Falls
We purposely avoided Old Faithful and went instead to the Norris Geyser Basin which isn't as crowded. Steamboat Geyser was very active that day; the sign said that it erupts every 4 days or 3 months....not real predictable!
Steamboat Geyser
We also saw lots of bubbling pools with many signs that warned visitors to remain on the paths as the ground is very unstable and the water is boiling hot.
Mud Pots
This was an intriquing sign, at least to me.
45th Parallel
We also had great fun watching the elk and bison. One day the elk were lounging at the lodge and post office at Mammoth Springs, but this photo was taken as we were leaving the park to come home. Only later did we notice the rather large collar on the mama elk.
Mama Elk
We also saw 5-6 wolves running free across a meadow, thanks to a ranger's spotting scope. Later that same day, we had to wait for several bison to amble across the road. Fortunately, no one seems to speed through this park! We also saw antelope and coyotes as well as a few interesting birds.
Why'd the bison cross the road?
Many summers ago when Dick worked in the Wyoming oil fields, he discovered Dead Indian Pass and Sunlight Basin. He's wanted to return there again to see if it's still as beautiful as he remembered. It is and is also much more easily accessible. Isn't that an interesting metal sculpture?
Sunlight Basin
Gosh, just looking at these photos makes me want to go back again for a second look!


Jane said...

Your photos are awesome.. I would love to visit that area! I very much enjoyed seeing you on the 45th parallel... I cross it everytime I go downstate but speeds on the highway don't make for a good pic and stopping for a look at the sign nigh impossible. Thanks for showing us your trip

Paula Hewitt said...

what great photos! But i didnt see yogi bear anywhere....

Barbara C said...

Thanks for sharing your great photos. That bison in the road is quite a sight.

Linda said...

Wonderful photos Judy - you're a lucky girl! Thanks for the info re: the dumpling bag (l love that name!)
Love Linda

Kathy said...

I loved that part of the country when I had a chance to visit many years ago. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing and bringing back some memories.

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
I am very enthusiastic by your pictures.
Thanks that you at your journey sharings leaves us.
There is so nice pictures, which show, this world is how beautiful! Take care
♥☼♥ Barbara ♥☼♥

Ich bin ein Fünfzigerjahremädel. said...

Judy,thank you for this wonderful fotos of a region I don't know....and thank you for your birthday greeting on my blog!
Have a nice sunday,Ulla

Rian said...

Beautiful photos--thanks for sharing. Yellowstone is on my short list of places I want to visit.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Judy! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! I may never get to explore America, as that travel wish list is pretty long, but its fantastic to see holiday snaps like yours to get an idea of the scenery and critters that you have there! Particularly enjoyed "Why did the bison cross the road?" Would be a bit of a shock first thing in the morning, wouldn't it! Tee! Hee! Hee! Have a great week! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

Lelia said...

WOW! Judy, the pictures are fantastic! I've never been in that area, thx for sharing.

As a side note, one of the farmers about 5 miles from us has a Bison ranch. I love to drive by. I know, i know, they are for food -- but quite a site to see!

Stitch well

Wendy said...

Wow!!! What a great trip! I am not a fan of Geysers though but just because of the sulfur smell. Makes me feel sick. But they sure are amazing. And I love the waterfall!!! So beautiful!

Cat said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip! The photos are great!

Our last time thru Yellowstone was on the motorcycles... when traffic would stop for animals I'd get a bit uneasy feeling!

Beautiful country!